IDW kickstart board games: TMNT Change is Constant & City Fall


Following the success of Munchkin TMNT and Shadows of the past, IDW has successfully kickstarted a duo of games called Change is Constant and City Fall, after the respective comic book stories.

IDW Publishing is doing a lot of things right with the TMNT brand. Their comics are inching towards their 100th issue, they are at issue 90, and they have strong backing for the board games. There was immense anticipation for the new Kickstarters: Change is Constant and City Fall.

The original expectation was that these two games would act as expansions to the well-received board game TMNT: Shadows of the Past. However, this proved not to be the case. Both of these new titles are standalone games that “feature new missions, minis, and enemies.”

Specifically, these games feature 4v1 and complete co-op modes. This allows for a much friendlier format for those who don’t want the competitive edge of board gaming spilling over into their enjoyment of it.

The funding goal was $200,000, and it has been well surpassed at $441,000 (at time of writing). IDW was smart to incentivize this funding by issuing 70 FREE DIGITAL COMICS. If you hadn’t gotten into the TMNT comic storyline, now would have been an ideal time to do so.

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There was immense push-back from potential backers due to the price, $125 for each of the titles. Board games that feature minis, terrain tiles, and are considered dungeon crawlers generally retail at a premium.

Arkham Horror and Descent, both games produced by Fantasy Flight Games and released in 2005, currently retail around $60. D&D’s standalone board games are priced around $65, albeit the D&D games don’t have the number minis or materials included in the box as these kickstarter games do.

The art is done AMAZINGLY by Mateus Santolouco, my favorite TMNT comic book artist and a fellow Brasileiro na coracao.

IDW ensured that backers would get their money worth when they offered the free 70 digital comics and several additional minis and playable characters as stretch goals. These stretch goals include:

Stranger villain
Flying mousers villains
Stockman Fly villain
Flyborg villains
Alopex hero
HP spinners
Player boards
Letherhead villain
Stan Sakai box
Deviations box
Krang (not yet reached)

The list of the campaign are as follows:

Change is Constant

15 missions with 4 Hero coop or 4v1
1 mission with 2 Hero coop
1 cross-over mission with 6 Hero coop


11 missions with 4 Hero coop or 4v1
3 missions with 4 Hero coop
1 mission with 1 Hero solo mission
1 mission with 2 Hero coop
1 cross-over mission with 6 Hero coop

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Overall, this is an insane amount of content for a board game, independent of the price. The kickstarter is only available for a few more days. If you have interest in the Turtles or board games, get over there NOW!