Deadpool 2 still making money at the box office


Deadpool 2 hit theaters in the spring of 2018, but China did not have the chance to watch it until now, making Fox’s comedy on the Merc with a Mouth more money.

Deadpool 2 hit theaters an eternity ago, seemingly. It was hyped up at the end of 2017, carried into 2018 and released in May 2018. This followed up on the 2016 blockbuster, which brought Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth to the big screen.

Eight months later, Deadpool 2 is still reaching moviegoers worldwide. That seems ludicrous, but it just released in China over the past week.

Per Variety, Fox’s sequel has garnered $21.4 million in its opening week in China. As of this writing, it brings the film’s total box-office output at $767.62 million, per Box Office Mojo.

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It’s amazing to see a film of any kind make that much money long after hitting theaters, but this only surges Fox’s bottom line for however long Deadpool 2 stays. They even had help from December’s Once Upon A Deadpool, which provided a PG-13 version, and Fred Savage, during the holiday season.

This is potentially the last time a Deadpool film under the Fox banner will make money, however. That’s with the impending deal with Disney, which hands the House of Mouse X-Men and Fantastic Four movie rights.

Given the Deadpool franchise’s success, moving this world to the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t the craziest thing, unless Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige wants to refresh everything Fox did. The same for the other properties, despite the X-Men prequels’ success and Wolverine gracing the big screen for 17 years.

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Deadpool 2 will live on as a successful film, but everything may change as Disney closes this deal. In the meantime, could it cross the $800 million mark in China?