Spider-Man PS4 receives new suits inspired by Fantastic Four


Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 is still getting new content updates. The latest update adds two new suits inspired by Marvel’s favorite family, the Fantastic Four.

The biggest selling point of Spider-Man PS4 is the selection of unlockable suits. Sure, the game has tons to offer, but the retro, deep-cut outfits that Peter Parker can wear have stolen the show. The base game comes with plenty to unlock as players progress — a selection that has only been bolstered by downloadable content packs that add three new suits each.

Recently, Insomniac Games gifted the community a free (and highly anticipated) suit: the Raimi suit. Of course, this is based on the costume that Tobey Maguire wore in the original Spider-Man filmToday the studio has gifted players again, releasing two suits based on the Fantastic Four.

The free update includes the Future Foundation suit — a white and black suit first seen in Jonathan Hickman’s FF, a fan-favorite Fantastic Four series. Fans will know the second suit as the Bombastic Bag Man, a suit that appeared way back in 1984 when Peter couldn’t wear his traditional costume. He took a spare suit from the Fantastic Four in The Amazing Spider-Man No. 258 — without an accompanying mask, though, he decided to cut holes into a paper bag and wear that instead.

Both suits are available as soon as the update is complete. They don’t come with any unique suit powers, but they aren’t locked behind any prerequisites either. They’re unlocked as soon as the game boots up, so players are free to switch to the new suits whenever they like.

Insomniac Games teased an update with a Fantastic Four theme weeks ago via Twitter. Fans correctly predicted the then-secret content immediately, though the studio has been silent on their guesses until today. There were other theories as to what Fantastic Four content would be added – perhaps a new story mission for Spider-Man or even a map update that adds the Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four’s home — but fans are likely happy with these new suits nonetheless.

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The Fantastic Four update comes only days after Insomniac Creative Director Bryan Intihar teased a sequel to the game on Twitter. While a potential sequel is likely years away at the earliest, it’s reassuring to see that the studio isn’t finished supporting the original game by supplementing it with new content.