25 greatest Marvel-Netflix characters of all-time

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23. Claire Temple

The character who connected all of the four initial Marvel Netflix shows. Claire was first introduced when her friend alerted her that a man in black was injured in a dumpster just outside her apartment. As a nurse at Metro General Hospital, Claire took it upon herself to help this mysterious man and took him into her apartment to treat his wounds.

When he awoke, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen stopped her from calling for an ambulance as the men who did this to him would burn down a hospital in order to kill him. The two spoke long into the night and eventually grew to trust one another, particularly as Matt Murdock has realized that she had seen his face. Throughout the rest of Daredevil Season One, Claire became a confidant for Murdock and helped to treat his wounds.

She next appeared in the finale of Jessica Jones Season One in her day job as a nurse. Thanks to her ability to attract strange patients, she discovered a doctor working on Luke Cage who was unable to break his skin. She took it upon herself to find another way to treat him before the two eventually began a relationship in Luke Cage.

When she appeared in Iron Fist, Claire was learning martial arts from Colleen Wing and was then drawn into Danny’s battle with the Hand. She was the key to uniting the four heroes when the Hand tried to take over New York in The Defenders.