TMNT City Fall & Change is Constant Kickstarter team Q&A

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Credit: IDW Publishing

What inspired you to make this game?

Walsh: Let’s turn back the clock to the very first Shadows of the Past Kickstarter. As a massive fan of TMNT (IDW series in particular) and board games, I was stoked! As a Works backer and the Kickstarter comments always hard to follow, I started a Facebook community dedicated to the game and IDW comic series. Little did I know that being a proactive fan would lead me to where I would end up. The community grew fast and was a beacon of hope for the game and fans, with IDW’s assistance we ran painting competitions, Q&A’s, giveaways and had a strong focus on homebrew and expanding the game. When the next expansion became delayed, I reached out to IDW, asking what I could do to assist. Being a homebrewer also, I pitched some ideas to keep the game going. Working with IDW, the small pitch turned into a plan and the game had future again. I requested my good friend and fellow homebrewer, Dan, to be my partner in crime in this new Adventure, and we haven’t looked back since.

Lansdown: As a lifelong fan of the TMNT franchise, and an original Works backer of the Shadows of the Past (SOTP) game, I was inspired to see this game system live on for as long as possible. Pete and I began working together homebrewing non-official content for SOTP not long after the first game came out. It wasn’t long until we realized the massive potential the game system had, and ways it could be expanded on. Our biggest desire is to celebrate and tell the story of the IDW comics (our definitive Turtles origin and story).