TMNT City Fall & Change is Constant Kickstarter team Q&A

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Credit: IDW Publishing

What is your background with the Turtles?

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Walsh: Turtles will always be a major part of my life. As a child, I watched the original toon, read the Archie comics and dreamed of collecting the entire Playmates line of toys. Then as a young adult, I dove back in collecting comics, the 2k3 line of figures and being amazed by the animation in the new TV series. I now have my own children and have shared my love of TMNT with them, watching and collecting the new Nick line and even pulling out some of my old figures (my doubles, of course, haha) for them to play with. But of all iterations, the IDW series has blown me away again and again. The IDWverse is my definitive version of the TMNT.

Lansdown: I grew up watching the original Fred Wolf cartoon series, the early 90’s movies and collecting the original toy line. I eventually stumbled upon the early Mirage comics and Archie comics in my early teens and picked up whatever I could find. I followed the TMNT through their various cartoon and movie iterations, before coming across the IDW comics series during the Kickstarter campaign of Shadows of the Past. IDW’s version of the turtles quickly became my favorite iteration and the spark of inspiration for all we do with TMNT adventures system.