TMNT City Fall & Change is Constant Kickstarter team Q&A

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Credit: IDW Publishing

What value does Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures have for people who currently own Shadows of the Past or backed at during the previous campaign?

Walsh: Dan and I are both works backers, we examined many ways to make this release valuable to both new and returning backers. But first we need to establish that SotP cannot be reprinted, due to this, the original content needed to be re-released in a smart way that would be viable for both consumers and IDW.

The first hurdle we had to jump was the characters/miniatures, there needed to be enough in each box to tell the stories required (the license for these games is the comic so we have to follow the story regardless). We elected to split the number of Foot Ninjas between each box, this allowed us to give the second set a new ability and sculpt. By splitting the Ninjas this also gave us room to add Baxter, the giant Mega Mouser, and 30 tiny Mousers to Change is Constant and room in City Fall to have more oversized figures like Bebop, Rocksteady, and Slash.

The tiles and punchouts were next, we wanted to give players the ability to recreate all the tiles from SotP so they could play their favorite missions with new art.
All the tiles were redone and littered with easter eggs, we increased the amount of doubles sided map tiles per box from 5 to 8 also.

Apart from that, each box has 17-21 NEW missions. Most of which can be played both 4v1 and cooperatively, a consistent scale for miniatures, balances, new card, and graphic design, extra sets of cards for returning 4v1 villains and lots of new ways to play the game.

The biggest change is the implementation of the cooperative mode, you can now play without the need of a villain player, this has also allowed for solo, two player and even six player missions. Also note, the original planned City Fall expansion was never going to make SotP AI compatible, it was only ever going to be AI moving forward.

In a nutshell, returning backers are getting:

• New in scale dynamic miniatures
• New abilities, balances and special moves for new and existing characters
• Content that supports and celebrates players ability to create their own missions or alter the difficulty or play mode of previously released campaigns.
• New heroes and villains that can be added of their original SotP campaigns as well as the ability to play Adventure’s new missions with their existing heroes and villains.
• Upgraded components, originals are all still compatible (except cards backs)