Young Justice: Outsiders second half trailer drops


With the midseason finale airing last week, the hits keep coming, as a trailer for the second half of Young Justice: Outsiders has been released! [SPOILERS AHEAD]

Young Justice: Outsiders has shown a few changes within the universe it takes place in. The Justice League is slowly being removed from the public, new villains have become members of The Light, and a few heroes have stepped down from the Team, for example.

While season 3 has a provided a good look into these issues so far, the newly released second half trailer for the season teases these particular issues being addressed.

A Team of Their Own

Season 3 primarily focuses on the formation of a new team consisting of Geo-Force, Halo, Forager, and the newly added Terra and Cyborg. Led and mentored by Nightwing, Superboy, Tigress, and Black Lightning, the team looks to continue to prove themselves in the second half, as the mentors seem to be giving the recruits the option to truly step into their own as heroes.

However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the midseason ended on the reveal that Terra is working as a double agent for Deathstroke, a new member of The Light. This means that the more our new heroes rise to the occasion, the harder they’ll fall from grace.

Heroes Return

The new trailer also reveals that Beast Boy, who had been dealing with depression that made him quit being a superhero, will be returning to the team. But he seems to have a much edgier attitude about him, based on the trailer. Hopefully, Miss Martian will be keeping a close eye on him so that he doesn’t go too far down a dark path.

The trailer also shows the return of Ed, the teleporting member of the Runaways, as he works alongside Kid Flash and Beast Boy in a face off against the Terror Twins.

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Tides Turn

The Justice League seems to be in a bit of a pinch as the new leader, Kaldur/Aqua-man, seems to be coming into conflict with Amanda Waller, who hasn’t appeared on the show since the first season. It’s unclear by the trailer what sort of gravitas Waller brings in her seemingly expanded role, but anyone who knows the character knows it’s never a good thing to be on her radar.

The last notable aspect that this trailer provides is an apparent fated showdown between Tigress and Black Manta. Manta is perhaps still upset that Tigress managed to infiltrate his operation, a fact that may explain why he is no longer a part of The Light.

Manta also seems to be assisted by Monsieur Mallah, the gorilla sidekick of the Brain, another previous member of The Light, and Captain Boomerang, who is also making his Young Justice debut.

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While it didn’t include a specific release date, this short but sweet summer trailer gave a great tease for the second half of Young Justice: Outsiders. It’ll be very exciting to see how everything unfolds.