Black Lightning season 2, episode 12 review: Just and Unjust


Black Lightning and his family deal with the death of Khalil, Lynn almost gets kidnapped, and Anissa comes to terms with her recent activities.

Previously, on Black Lightning, Tobias continued to get closer to his goal for domination. Todd unlocked the briefcase Tobias needed, and it unlocked secrets to past ASA secrets. One of them could lead Tobias to the identity Black Lightning. We find out that Dr. Jace is responsible for her and Tobias’ slow aging. It also looks like she will be joining up with Tobias, Cutter, and Todd. The three of them together will be dangerous. Meanwhile, Khalil died after the brutal attack from Tobias. His last request was for Jefferson to kill Tobias. Even though Jefferson might not, who knows how Jennifer is going to react.

The Black Lightning opening

Well, that’s one way to start an episode. Lynn and Anissa are having a conversation about Jennifer and how she’s grieving and then, BOOM! Shots are fired, and Anissa is hit. Not only that, the shooters try to kidnap Lynn. Luckily, Agent Odell was there to take the shooters out, and Anissa held her breath instinctively and stopped the bullet from going in more than an inch. Back at Gambi’s, Gambi points out that Odell being there wasn’t a coincidence. He’s tailing her for a reason. Lynn visits Odell at his base of operations and confronts him about why he was there. Odell tells her that she did a great job with the pod kids, but doesn’t like that she’s keeping secrets.

Every week, Black Lightning shows that the opening scene is important to the progression of the show. Without a compelling opening, why would people keep watching? This week was no different. It wasn’t just the shooting (which was intense), but Odell showing up was perfect. He’s been missing for a while, and his re-emergence was perfect and adds more to the story.

Anissa learns her lesson

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Anissa has been trying to do more than be Thunder with Black Lighting and turned into more of a vigilante than we’ve seen. She’s been opting to save people in an all-black outfit than her Thunder costume. When she was shot at the beginning of the episode, she felt like she got caught slipping. She said if she was on guard  her would be kidnappers wouldn’t have gotten close to grabbing her mother. Later, while at work, Anissa came across a young woman getting beat by her boyfriend. Because the woman’s boyfriend is part of the 100, the clinic looks the other way when she comes in. Anissa wasn’t having that. She shows up in all black (apparently the thugs call her Black Bird) and beats the snot out of him and his crew.

The problem here is Anissa is getting reckless. She’s more powerful than the people she’s gone up against as Black Bird, but this time she took real damage for the first time. How long until Anissa gets sloppy because of her anger and gets herself or someone else hurt? While recovering, she admitted to Gambi that her father was right and that she has been reckless. Fortunately for Khalil’s family, she still got the money for Khalil’s funeral.

Black Lightning — “The Book of Secrets: Chapter Two: Just and Unjust” — Image BLK212a_0307b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Jennifer RIker as Dr. Helga Jace and Bill Duke as Agent Odell — Photo: Annette Brown/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Lynn is spiraling

Lynn has been dealing with killing someone in the final episode of season 1. This season she’s having to deal with working with Dr. Jace and being a part of the pod kids dying. A bombshell was dropped when she said she needs Lynn to work on Odell’s plan. Jace isn’t one to give out compliments. She also said something that sound like she’s starting to regret being in a relationship with Jefferson. She also sounds annoyed that she’s in a family that isn’t “normal” Nothing is going to end well with Lynn this season. She seems to be headed towards a downward spiral.

Lynn is eventually going to have to work with Dr. Jace. The problem is what this could do to her mentally. Jace is a terrible person, and Odell is hiding something. Lynn is working with two people, who will potentially destroy her and everything she cares about.

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Lightning Round

  • There’s no way we’ve seen the last of these goons from Markovia. It wasn’t just Lynn they were after. They also went after Perenna, What are they up to?
  • Where is the teleporter from the end of the midseason finale? There’s no way that was just for show. He will have a major moment, and it will probably come at the end of this season. Is he mixed up with the guys from Markovia?
  • Jennifer had her first issue with Principal Lowry. It was great seeing her stand up to him using her intelligence and a calm voice. It was also amazing seeing Jefferson stand with his students.
  • Principal Lowry became what he didn’t want to become. He mentioned how he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt because he’s white and how his life wasn’t as cheery as people may think. He had a good point until he flat-out said he didn’t care about the students. His story is deeper than we think. And it won’t be long until he’s not the man we perceive him to be.
  • What’s up with Grace? She’s hiding some kind of abilities and isn’t telling Anissa. What is she hiding and is it connected to anything we’ve seen? She disappears at the end of the episode. Where did she go?
  • How much does Odell know? He’s seen lurking in the shadows while Jennifer was grieving. Does he know what the Pierce’s secret is?