Deadly Class season 1, episode 4 review: Mirror People


Deadly Class attacks detention and plans a trip.

Doing a bang-up job of telling the story of a high school for assassins, Deadly Class, based off of the comic from Rick Remender and Wes Craig, is perhaps at heart about anger and release. The first three episodes have introduced us to the characters a little and set the general pacing of the series, and now we’re getting into the juicy stuff from the comics. This issue we’ve got Japanese masked assassins, the return of Chester, and plenty of sexy eyes between Marcus and Saya.

DEADLY CLASS — “MIrror People” Episode 103 — Pictured: (l-r) Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus, Lana Condor as Saya — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Snack missions and treasure troves in Deadly Class

Last episode, there was a hootenanny at the dance. This episode starts off with more music, specifically Brian Posehn as his dirtbag pot dealer character, sliding around in a bathrobe, jamming out, talking smack to his mom on the phone. Then Chester, the scarred dude from the boy’s home Marcus came from, shows up, and we get the impression that Posehn is not safe. Billy gets a call from his little brother, and plans to head home for the weekend. The usual suspects have detention, and Chico as well. Master Lin orders them locked in for the weekend, and takes Saya’s sword. The student who got paid in regards to Saya calls his people, and lets them know that Saya will be unguarded. We get a sweet John Hughes-sy vibe from a time-killing montage; Viktor exercising, Chico making graffiti, and a random kid, Jaden. Maria asks Willy for a passport so she can run from Chico, Billy’s dad is clearly a bad guy, and Petra inspires the gang to break out and look for a legendary stash of confiscated goods from Lin’s office.

DEADLY CLASS — “MIrror People” Episode 103 — Pictured: Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

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Wicked stunts and missing hands

Saya really wants her sword back. It was her father’s and it’s her only memory of him. Pretty heartstrings moment. The gang sneaks past some guards and gets to the stash room. Marcus picks the lock, and inside they find a veritable fun-house. After another montage of fun, Saya gets on a dirtbike and does a jump over spikes they all set up for her. Meanwhile, Lin talks to his wife about the spider letter he got, and we learn that she escaped such a note. Jaden, the random kid, is about to do the dangerous jump when he gets his hand chopped off by two demon-mask-wearing cousins of Saya, who also slash up Petra and Viktor.  Chico sacrifices the Jaden kid and the gang makes it into the library. Chico is scared, and Saya relates that her cousins are there to take her back to Japan, to see her brother. Chico notices a secret tunnel and bails, causing Marcus and Saya go after him, only to have Chico lock the gate behind him.

Petra recounts her childhood growing up in a Satanic cult to Viktor, as they both bleed out on the floor. The masked assassins find Marcus and Saya again, and take her. Willie gives Maria her passport in a comic, and Chico almost catches her but she hides the passport. Master Lin goes into the front for the school, and encounters the assassins with Saya. While fighting, Marcus jumps in and holds one, allowing Saya to kill her cousin.

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The other one flees, Viktor and Saya are wheeled out on stretchers, Marcus and Saya share a moment and hold hands on the roof, Shabnam’s parents come home to a trashed house and Chester there, with Posehn on a leash still in his underwear, and Billy convinces Marcus to go to Vegas to kill Billy’s violent dad. This was an excellent episode. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.