Aquaman spin-off film, The Trench, in development


With Aquaman recently hitting over $1 billion dollars at the box office, it would be expected that there would be more to come from the underwater kingdoms. But who would have that the first would be about The Trench?

An exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter unveiled the newest DC project to be in development, this time to revolve around The Trench, first introduced in Aquaman. Warner Bros has hired two screenwriters who are new to the scene, Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald, to write the script for the project. Gardner and Fitzgerald previously worked as assistants at JJ Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot. James Wan will return to produce the project along with Peter Safran, who had also produced Aquaman.

The report states that the script will be horror-tinged and be much more modestly budgeted than most other DC films. While this is an interesting direction that Warner Bros is going with their DC properties, The Trench shouldn’t simply be “horror-tinged,” it should be an all-out horror film.

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Aquaman worked on a lot of levels because it was willing to go the extra mile and be a product of the genre it was attempting to be, an epic fantasy film. Wan made his career on horror films, and he knows what he’s doing with the genre (even bringing the pacing to a lot of the action scenes of Aquaman). So he would more than likely be able to move the project forward with a good new horror vision.

It is weird that DC is currently moving forward with a film focusing on The Trench in the first place. Fans have been clamoring for a Man of Steel sequel for years, and it seems like Warner Bros is willing to bring established and new talent together to work on DC films. So it’s odd that they’ve been having trouble moving forward with Superman, The Flash, and even Green Lantern Corps, as of late.

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While being a relatively recent addition to the comics, The Trench were featured in multiple standout storylines in the comics and a fantastic sequence in Aquaman. There is a lot of potential at play with the species, and hopefully, Warner Bros can tap into that potential.