Marvel Cinematic Universe: 15 best MCU fight scenes of all-time

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Credit: Marvel Studios

6. The Avengers vs. Loki and the Chitauri

Movie: Marvel’s The Avengers

This movie solidified the Avengers as a legitimate franchise. This many high-profile characters getting their own moments was going to be challenging. They’d also have their moments during the final showdown with the big bad. This scene was handled beautifully from the very first punch Hulk through until Loki asked for the drink Tony Stark offered him earlier.

Each hero had a memorable moment and there were so great moments where they worked as a team. The part everyone remembers was Hulk slamming Loki around like a ragdoll and then calling Loki a puny god.

Winner: The Avengers

This was the first time the Avengers worked together. They had to trust each other’s skill and that they’d have each other’s back. Despite all of the arguing and fighting, it all worked out. When it came down to it, they protected each other and fought like a well oiled machine. Except for that one time when Hulk punches Thor just because.

The world knew that the Avengers were here to protect them, but something else more sinister was happening. Thanos now knew who the Avengers were and he welcomed the opportunity to take them on. When he was told that challenging them was to court death, Thanos turned around and smiled. That moment let us know that the Avengers were on a collision course to fight the Mad Titan.