Henry Cavill did not have script and director approval for Man of Steel 2


Did Henry Cavill request for script and director approval for a possible Man of Steel sequel?

For those who may need a recap, back in September, The Hollywood Reporter broke the scoop that negotiations for a Superman cameo featuring Henry Cavill had broken down, and the British actor may not reprise his role as the Man of Steel again. Since then, there have been conflicting reports after about Cavill’s status as Superman.

Fast forward to Thursday, Feb.7, We Got This Covered reported that there will be a Superman cameo, but it won’t be Cavill in the red cape, likely a body double. Please note that Cavill’s exit is not confirmed by higher-ups at Warner Bros.

Revenge of the Fans published a rumor that the reason for Cavill’s team, headed by Dany Garcia, to look the other way and why negotiations had broken down was due to Cavill not receiving the right to have script and director approval along with a producer credit for Man of Steel 2.

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However, it has since been confirmed by a source from Collider that the requests allegedly made by Cavill were indeed false and he did not make such a stipulation.

That said, like Ben Affleck, who will not return to the role of the Caped Crusader in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, he has one more picture deal left in any subsequent DCEU films moving forward. Cavill and his contributions to the television adaptation of The Witcher on Netflix will likely affect his involvement in films in the near future. While it would make sense if Cavill were to bargain for such a request the Worlds of DC (excuse the pun) are ever so slightly changing.

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Supes is not as much a priority, and Warner Bros. under the supervision of Walter Hamada at DC Films are digging up secondary and tertiary characters from the cornerstones within DC Comics. Cavill’s future as Supes is not at risk. It will just take the right scribe and director to do him justice. Geoff Johns as writer and Matthew Vaughn as director, anyone?