Black Lightning season 2, episode 13 review: Pillar of Fire


This week on Black Lightning, we find out that Jennifer’s power level is over 9000! Wait, there’s no way that can right.

Previously, in Black Lightning “Just and Unjust”, the Pierce’s had to deal with a lot. First, Anissa finally came to terms with her father being right about being reckless. Lynn is still struggling with her job and living with a family full of people with powers. And Jennifer had to bury the love of her life. At the funeral, she vowed to get revenge for Khalil. While she was there, Agent Odell was lurking in the background watching Jennifer. He seems to know more about the Pierce family than he’s letting on. Is he friend or foe? Meanwhile, Tobias has decided that it may be time to enlist Dr. Jace full-time.

Jen in a box

The episode starts with Gambi and Jefferson testing Jennifer’s power levels. They start her at 50% and she was, as Gambi said, barely breaking a sweat. Even more impressive was that she was already more powerful than Jefferson in his prime. Out of nowhere, Jennifer overloads Gambi’s system by powering down. His base is supposed to withstand the electrical magnetic post from a nuclear explosion. Jennifer is more powerful than anyone ever thought. Jefferson says that he’s not sure if she can handle this power. Too bad Jennifer could read lips and was disappointed in her father’s confidence in her.

This was major and sets the stage for the show and the entire Black Lightning series. We knew Jennifer was powerful, but not nuclear blast powerful. Her only weakness is that she’s a 16 year old girl with a ton of emotions running through her. However, when she gets her emotions in check, it’s going to take one heck of a force to take her down. Especially when she starts to get creative.

We finally found out why the Markovians are in Freeland. They need Lynn. Agent Odell finally comes clean about why he’s been on her about moving the pod kids. Apparently the Markovians want every metahuman they can get their hands on. If they can’t get them to join, they’ll kill them. He tells them that every meta in Freeland is in danger and makes it a point to mention the ones who throw lightning. They know Lynn can help stabilize the pod kids and get them ready to use their powers. If this happens, no one will be able to stop Markovia.

Where’s your second chance?

Jefferson was in one of his classes when a student told him that Jefferson deserves to be principal. Jefferson tells him that he wasn’t there when the school needed him and that the decision was fair. The student replied, “You always say that Garfield (the high school) is a place for second chances. Well, where’s your second chance, Principal Pierce?” Pardon me while I wipe my eyes.

Anyway, Napier Frank (a member of the school board) walks in soon after and shows Jefferson footage of the sit-in from the previous episode. It doesn’t paint Lowry in a good light. Napier tells Jefferson that this footage may lead to Jefferson getting his old job back.

Jefferson seemed to be happy and disturbed by the news. On one hand, he wants his job back. It’s doubtful that he wants to get his job like this. Lowry left but not before saying something that struck a chord with Jefferson. He said that these students need someone who will be there day in and day out. Jefferson took those words to heart. He realizes he can’t be there for the kids 100% and they need someone who is.

Grace Choi doesn’t exist

Black Lighting has a habit of hitting the audience where it hurts. Usually with topics that happen in real life. Grace’s story was no different. Grace paid good money for a new identity. Her real name is Shay Li Wilde. She was abandoned as a child moved from foster home to foster home as a kid. The picture Anissa found was her in one of those homes. That is tragic, but it gets worse. Grace was sold to sex prostitution ring and was there until it was broken up.

That alone was enough for Anissa to run away, but she didn’t. She may have secrets, but Anissa admits that she does too. She decides that she will continue to try and find Grace. It really is love. It’s going to be a very emotional moment when Anissa and Grace see each other again. Word of advice, have tissue prepared when that happens.

Lightning Round

  • We knew Jennifer was strong, but wow. She’s also extremely creative with her powers.
  • Jefferson not taking the job was big. It may have been a mistake. we’ll have to wait and see.
  • What will happen when Jennifer gets her hands on Tobias? She may not know how crafty Tobias is.
  • We all need more Lightning in our lives. That small sample wasn’t enough.  Loved the lightning whips.
  • Tobias enlisted another meta-human. No way this season doesn’t end with Tobias and his two meta’s fighting Black Lightning, Thunder, and Lightning.
  • How long until Dr. Jace wears out her welcome? She knows the new meta with the vibration powers (code name: Shakedown) and Tobias hates her.
  • Tobias has all the meta’s and ready to sell them. This isn’t good.

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Black Lightning will return with new episodes on Monday, Mar. 4.