Jessica Jones and The Punisher unlikely to get renewals at Netflix


Jessica Jones and The Punisher appear to be finished, as Netflix is reportedly planning to cancel both shows.

When it comes to Marvel TV shows, Netflix has been cleaning house. As of right now, only two shows remain, but it looks like they’ll share the same fate as the others.

According to Deadline, Netflix will not renew Jessica Jones or The Punisher for additional seasons. While the trade stresses that nothing is official, the expectation is that the streaming service will not bring back the shows for future broadcast cycles. The Punisher recently dropped its second season, while Jessica Jones still has a third season to be released this year.

The last few months have spelled the end of the Marvel-Netflix era. Back in October, Iron Fist was the first to receive the axe, followed by Luke Cage a week later. But arguably the biggest shock was the cancellation of Daredevil, following its acclaimed third season. With these sudden cancellations, many assumed Jessica Jones and The Punisher would share the same fate.

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The exact reasons for the abrupt ends of these shows are unclear. Many have reported low viewership numbers that have only decreased as time has passed. It’s hard to make a true assessment, due to Netflix’s desire to keep their numbers private. But it’s clear that the novelty of these shows has been wearing off.

Another theory is that Netflix possibly wants to sever ties with Marvel before the launch of the Disney Plus streaming service. For them, having a business agreement with a direct competitor may not have been an ideal business move.

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The news of these latest cancellations is sure to be bittersweet for those who have grown to love these shows since Daredevil debuted in 2015. They not only provided fans with a grittier look at the MCU but they’ve also introduced endearing characters. Things may look grim for these heroes now, but there’s always a chance they could return in the future.