Comic book movies of 2018: Home media sales

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Venom (2018) | Credit: Sony Pictures

7.) Venom

DVD Sales – 629,621 units sold/$11,476,928
Blu-ray Sales – 1,141,837 units sold/$26,090,172
Total Sales – 1,771,098 units sold/$37,567,100

Here we have Venom, the 24th best-selling DVD and the 14th best-selling Blu-ray of 2018. Overall, it was the 17th best-selling movie of 2018. In fact, it sold more DVDs than Ant-Man and the Wasp by a hair. At first glance, you may scoff at Venom‘s numbers. Keep in mind, this movie came out right before Christmas time. With just two weeks in the 2018 calendar, Venom did quite well for itself. In the first week alone, it sold more than a million units, and by the end of the second week, it was already up to the million mark in Blu-rays sold.

Venom held the number one spot for the last two weeks of 2018. Mind you for jumping ahead, but the film went into the first week of 2019 as the number one best-seller. A lot of this can be attributed to holiday shopping. Additionally, this is the first Venom film. Therefore, die-hard fans and collectors have to go out and get this. This is not like Superman 7 or Batman 9, where some fans feel they may be able to skip out. They have plenty of material to keep them busy.