Titans No. 34 review: Now it’s Titans vs. Mother Blood


Mother Blood has captured two members of the Titans, but the others are faring no better as they battle the hordes of Unearth.

Titans No. 34

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Bruno Redondo

Covers by: Mico Suayan, Blond, Tyler Kirkham, Arif Prianto

Titans No. 34 cover (Credit: DC Comics)

The Titans are on Unearth, and they have to battle on several fronts. While the majority of the team – Donna Troy, Beast Boy, Raven, and Miss Martian – are tied down by the horde of Urkesh, Kyle Rayner and Steel have been captured by the leader of the Blood Cult. Mother Blood and the evil Commander Lenore terrorize the two heroes, who are trapped and unable to communicate with the rest of the team. Neither can the team contact Earth for help.

In Titans No. 34, Mother Blood plays her hand and reveals what her interest in these two Titans is. But it is the power she wields that is terrifying. On her own, Mother Blood can crush the Titans and take what she needs from them, so who can stop her and save the team? Allies may be around the corner, but can they face off against such towering evil?

There Are a Lot of Ravens in this Town

Raven has been missing her soul-self ever since she joined the Titans team. Way back in Titans No. 24, the team rescued a former writer, Mr. Hinton, from his own fantastical creations. The team were under the impression the imaginary characters had all been sent back to their realm, but as readers found out, Prince Travesty had swapped places with Raven’s soul-self, so as to anchor himself to Earth.

Finally, the Titans have located Raven’s soul-self on Unearth, but the situation is worse than they believed. The evil Commander Lenore, who is doing Mother Blood’s bidding, is none other than Raven, or rather a section of Raven’s soul-self. The other half of Raven’s soul-self is shackled and feeble.

Mother Blood in Titans No. 34 (Credit: DC Comics)

Lenore doesn’t recognize her team, neither does she identify as Raven. She is a creature molded purely by the Blood Cult and Unearth. It will be interesting to see how writer Dan Abnett is able to pull all three versions of Raven together in the final two issues of the series.

Beast Boy is a Plot Device, Again

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Beast Boy has really had it rough ever since the Source Wall Energies infected the Earth. His powers have gone out of whack, and he has struggled to keep them in check while the team has dealt with one emotional hit after another.

Unfortunately, this has meant Beast Boy is perennially the scapegoat in the series for things going south. Any time that stakes haven’t been high enough for Team Titans, Beast Boy’s powers unleash, and he becomes the biggest threat to the protagonists. And that is exactly what the cover of Titans No. 34 suggests, but somehow doesn’t deliver on.

It’s always troubling when comic book covers leverage a plot point that has little to do with the content of the comic, and this issue does exactly that. The trouble is, it seems like Beast Boy will again be the bane of the Titans’ lives, which is a gimmick that has already gotten old.

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Now that Titans has been prematurely cancelled, there are only two issues left for the series’ creators to wrap up this final story arc. Even though Mother Blood isn’t much of an imaginative villain, she has infused the series with some much-needed energy. “Into the Bleed” is a good way to end the series – it has been exciting and has amped up the excitement for the waning title.