Harley Quinn not expected to return for Suicide Squad sequel


Margot Robbie will not reprise her role as Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad sequel, but could this be a good thing?

According to Forbes, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is not expected to return for James Gunn’s Suicide Squad sequel. This will come as a huge letdown for some no doubt, but follow me, this could be for the best.

It Frees Up Harley Quinn

Beginning in 2011 with DC’s New 52Suicide Squad is reintroduced with Harley Quinn. Three years later, she receives her own solo series. Does Harley Quinn then stop appearing in the Suicide Squad comics? Nope. Later, DC Comics goes through a sort of rebranding, with a renumbering of the series. Does Harley Quinn leave the team? Again, nope! Now, we are in DC Rebirth, with the two ongoing series. Yet, she still remains on the team, while having her own solo series. No one has yet to truly identify how this works. Continuity is thrown out the window!

With all of this, can you imagine this happening with the movies? She has a Birds of Prey film coming, along with possible other spin-offs like a versus film and more. It is safe to say we are getting Birds of Prey before this Suicide Squad sequel. Does she go to jail at the end of that film, only to return to Task Force X? It almost feels a bit forced. Plus, do we need to have Harley Quinn cover that much of the film-scape? She may overstay her welcome. Robert Downey Jr. already hass in the MCU, especially with his role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, or the fact he seems to take up too much time in Civil War, given that it’s a Captain America film. Yes, we want Harley Quinn, but not too much that we grow weary of her.

Is James Gunn Right for Harley Quinn?

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We have seen his Guardians of The Galaxy films. You get jokes on turds, sexual innuendos and this overall teenage vibe with Gamora playing den-mother so to speak. Go back to the original series from Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, and you will not find much of a connection. The characters in the film hardly feel like distant relatives to the comics. No Walkman for Star-Lord. Drax is not overly literal-minded. Mantis is more than just some one-note, punchline. Both films have so much comedy to the point where you have to ask, do we classify them mainly as comedy films?

Now, of course, Harley Quinn offers a lot of humor. Nonetheless, she is still a complex character with her own problems and her own arc. Here we have a character suffering from a sort of Stockholm syndrome. She is a psychologist, who should know better, but turns a blind eye. Further stories have also shown she is less of a villain and more of an antihero. A return to Suicide Squad for her may only pause her development.

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This may not be the best move for the DCEU. Due to the New 52 and the Suicide Squad film, many new fans cannot separate Harley Quinn and the team now. It may just be what’s best for the character, though.