Titans: Raven and Starfire’s outfits from scrapped finale leak


Raven and Starfire’s costumes, which were intended to be seen in Titans’ first season finale, have been leaked.

At the time DC Universe, the streaming service developed by Warner Bros. Digital Networks for DC Entertainment, was in its beta-testing phase during a part of last year, there was much debate on the number of episodes for the first season of Titans. It was pegged as being anywhere between 10 and 13 episodes, and then at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, it was confirmed by a source in Lifestyle and Entertainment to be 12 episodes. As many viewers who watched the entire first season of Titans knows, it ultimately ended up including 11 episodes in total.

Remember the Starfire costume that was revealed on Reddit and was previously mentioned on an episode of DC Daily? In addition, there were also said to be leaked photos of Starfire and Raven that featured the characters sporting more accurate looks from the comics. Well, now, exclusive photos from the original first season finale of Titans have been revealed.

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As revealed by showrunner Greg Walker, the unaired season finale episode will instead be partly re-cut for the Season 2 premiere of Titans. Whereas the eleventh episode that fans ultimately received is widely debated to be anti-climatic to an extent, Walker and the producers felt the Batman-centric episode felt like the right way to leave the season on a cliffhanger. This way they can build on the antagonist, Trigon, a lot more during the opening of the second season.

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It’s obvious to see the original intention was to have the remaining heroes, including Dick Grayson, face off against the otherworldly being almost in their full costumse towards the end. Whatever happens from the result of that stand-off against Trigon would have likely setup the new villain Walker has stated will appear in season 2.