Rosario Dawson cast in Wonder Woman: Bloodlines


DC’s latest animated film has found its Wonder Woman, and its a familiar face (or voice).

The latest DC Animated Original movie titled Wonder Woman: Bloodlines seemingly has found its titular heroine and voice for the iconic comic book character. The character will reportedly be voiced by actress Rosario Dawson, who has been the voice of Diana Prince in the DC Animated Original movies since Justice League: The Throne of Atlantis, Dawson has been in many movies and TV shows and is perhaps most well known for her role as Claire Temple in 32 episodes across the five Netflix Marvel shows. The previous actress to hold the role was Michelle Monaghan. Ironically, both Dawson and Monaghan both appeared in the 2008 sci-fi, action flick Eagle Eye.

The news of this casting comes from the fan website Revenge of the Fans and also included a full casting list. Now it should be made known that RotN has claimed to not know who has been cast in what role. However, Dawson’s seems to be safe to speculate on. The other talent being featured in Wonder Woman: Bloodlines are included in the following list, which was reported by Screen Rant:

  • Rosario Dawson (Marvel’s Daredevil)
  • Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)
  • Adrienne C. Moore (Orange is The New Black)
  • Constance Zimmer (House of Cards)
  • Courtenay Taylor (Skylanders Academy)
  • Cree Summer (Guardians of The Galaxy TV series)
  • Kimberley Brooks (DC Super Hero Girls)
  • Marie Avgeropoulos (The 100)
  • Michael Dorn (Justice League Action, Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • Mozhan Marno (The Black List)
  • Ray Chase (Voltron)

If true, this is a very exciting cast that includes some rather large names in the entertainment industry. Three of the biggest supporting names fans will recognize belong to Michael Dorn, Nia Vardalos, and Mozhan Marno.

The world of DC animation is very similar to the so-called DCEU, in that it is an interconnected world that is also full of standalone stories featuring its heroes and villains. It would appear that this style of storytelling is continuing with the inclusion of Rosario Dawson, seeing as she is the newest and likely permanent voice of Wonder Woman in the DC animated universe. Another question that begs to be asked is just what storyline will Wonder Woman: Bloodlines be adapting.

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A glance throughout the long and complex comic history of Wonder Woman does not show anything particular adventure that is called “Bloodlines.” Now, this, on the whole, does not mean one is not being adapted, but that the writers have given a new name to an older property. The name itself hints at the idea of some sort of narrative about ancestry, as Bloodlines itself means the line from which one is born. So, it would not be outside the realm of possibility that this film may delve further into Diana’s past. It could be interesting if a story about an untold portion of Wonder Woman’s past could unlock a conflict with a new or returning villain, which could lead to a very interesting and entertaining narrative in this upcoming DC animated film.

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