The Punisher: Eminem’s strong reaction to show’s cancellation


The Punisher, simultaneously with Jessica Jones, were the last shows of the Marvel Netflix universe to receive the ax. One prominent celebrity was angry with it.

The Marvel Netflix universe is not technically over, but after Jessica Jones season 3 airs later this year, a once prominent section of this streaming service will no longer exist. The Punisher received the ax at the same time.

The Jon Bernthal-led show aired its second and final season in January, profiling one more Frank Castle saga which saw him tackle Billy Russo one last time. That turned out to be the penultimate Marvel Netflix season, while Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil were already canceled in 2018.

Canceling these shows left some fans distraught. All five shows drew praise during their respective runs, even after Iron Fist‘s disappointing first run that followed with a promising second season.

One prominent person was unhappy with The Punisher ending, however. That’s Marshall “Eminem” Mathers.”

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Eminem’s tweet drew a large response, so it seems others agreed with the legendary rapper.

It’s not a random message, though, as the 46 year old previously collaborated with comic book properties, including 2018’s Venom. As TVGuide noted, he was on two Punisher-inspired magazine covers for XXL Magazine, so the fondness for this classic Marvel character, and his show, has meaning beyond this tweet.

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The Punisher may be over, but this show’s legacy will live on as part of the Marvel Netflix universe, which is always available to watch, along with the other four programs that were canceled — five if the short-lived The Defenders counts.