Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 3 review


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 3 brings along answers to the mysteries in previous issues. Here is our review of the story. Beware of the spoilers coming ahead!

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 3 brings in some new adventures for the titular hero, as he teams up with The Rumor to save Leilani from the red dudes. The comic also shows how strong the friendship between Spider-Man and The Human Torch is, as Spidey trusts him with his life. The issue focuses mainly on rescuing Leilani, during which a new location is discovered.

It turns out that under New York lies Under York, another city on its own. The issue gives us a quick origin story of Under York and The Rumor, which is satisfying. The great thing about this issue is that Spidey is seen trying to save his neighbors, proving that not only is he is there for the world during invasions, but he is also there for people (neighbors). It’s appropriate since this comic is mainly about a friendly neighborhood crime-fighter.

As the main storyline is, Spidey and TheRrumor find Leilani in the Under York’s Empire State Building. Spider-Man’s jokes are funny and relate to what he is going through. Even though the story isn’t filled with the story of Peter Parker but Spider-Man, the issue still manages to make him fun in this comic even though he is in the middle of an ongoing fight.

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The story in this issue is well written. We also get a bit of a shock in this issue in two major cases. To avoid spoilers, we’ll just tell you one. We get a little shock when Spidey is shot around his waist. One of the great parts of the comic is when the elevator which takes him, Leilani and The Rumor back to New York stops working. Even with a bullet in his waist, Webhead still manages to carry both The Rumor and Leilani through 3 kilometers high. This is one of those scenes that proves how great of a superhero Spider-Man truly is. It truly is legendary, re-defines who this character is.

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Overall, the issue is truly amazing and  filled with fantastic stories that actually don’t feel rushed or pushed. The story is really good and gives answers to some of the questions that were left as mystery in the previous issues. It also shows that whatever the circumstances are the friendly neighborhood hero is ready to save any civilian in need, proving just how amazing he really is.

Score: 8.7/10