Marvel’s future plans to be revealed after Avengers: Endgame


Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirms that the studios’ upcoming slate won’t be announced until after Avengers: Endgame.

Fans are excited for Marvel Studios’ upcoming projects: Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home. But they’re also curious about what the future holds for the Marvel Cinematic Universe after these films. While some of the projects have been reported, none have been confirmed by Marvel directly. And now the studio head has a definite answer on when to expect official announcements.

Speaking to at a Captain Marvel press event, Kevin Feige confirmed that future projects won’t be revealed until after Endgame and Far From Home:

"“As we’ve been doing for years, we aren’t going to announce anything post Avengers: Endgame or Spider-Man [Far From Home] until post Endgame and Spider-Man.”"

The filmmaker also explained that they have a number of different properties they’re going to utilize, which he credits to the rich history of Marvel Comics:

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"“As you know as a fan, there’s a tremendous amount of potential and a tremendous amount of additional characters and storylines and groups of characters that we’re going to keep playing with. And again, that’s a testament to Marvel and to the amount of storylines and characters and amazing, amazing runs that have been in the Marvel comics.”"

Although he didn’t go into specifics, he stated that all kinds of films are on the table, including standalones, team-ups and ensembles. Some may think it would be difficult to map out so many projects. However, according to Feige, the studios’ plans for the next several years are relatively set:

"“I don’t think we’ll be announcing five or six years, but we know sort of where we want to head in the next five or six years.”"

Marvel Studios has proven to be very shrewd when it comes to planning out their project slates. Many likely remember when they held a surprise press conference back in the fall of 2014 to announce their Phase Three movies. And even after that, additional films were added to the list.

As mentioned, some of their plans have already been revealed through legitimate reports. The most prominent among these are films centered on Black Widow, The Eternals and Shang-Chi. There’s also the Marvel shows headed to the Disney Plus streaming service.

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Still, this doesn’t diminish Marvel’s official reveal, as they’re sure to have other surprises in store. And it’s safe to fans will be clamoring to get into Hall H at this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con to find out what they are.