Marvel’s Kevin Feige assures Disney Plus shows connect to MCU


If there was any doubt on Disney Plus shows connecting to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige ended it.

With only 2019 known as its release date, Disney Plus will join the mix of streaming services. Featuring House of Mouse-branded content and Marvel shows, it could redefine how grand these watch-whenever-you-want programs are.

Given the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s popularity, the planned television shows based on them, including the Loki-centric series have much hype, but accompanying questions. Among them, will it tie to the MCU?

Maybe that was a given, but in an interview with, Marvel’s Kevin Feige confirmed these shows will connect to the MCU.

"These will be Marvel Studios productions,” Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige told “They will be entirely interwoven with both the current MCU, the past MCU, and the future of the MCU.”"

That’s a fascinating closing comment from Feige, which dates to the Hollywood Reporter report on the Loki series spanning through history. If so, it leaves infinite avenues for Marvel to explore greater depths of its comic book history, including characters that may never land in movie theaters, but receive a footnote in the 11 years and counting of a history that started with Iron Man.

Also, if what Feige said applies to more than the Loki show, what else could dive into these timespans of the MCU? There is a rumored Scarlet Witch and Vision series, and it’s difficult to think it stops there, especially as this Disney-owned property assumes a life of its own for another decade-plus. Maybe it even includes characters from the ’90s-based Captain Marvel, pending heroes survive.

What about villains? That’s one avenue the MCU has not explored with solo flicks, à la Sony’s separate Venom. Could they break ground with a show about an antagonist’s rise?

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There are endless ways for Disney Plus to connect to the MCU and stretch it further than anyone could have imagined in 2008. What can they do to intertwine everything?