The Pull List: Comic books you should read this week (Feb 27, 2019)


There are a lot of comic books that come out every week, and it can be hard to try to navigate the waters to try to find something new, or for a first time reader, try to find a good starting point. I’ll pick the 5 comic books I’m most looking forward to reading, in hopes to help you pick something to check out, either at your local comic shop or digitally.

There is a lot to be excited about for this weeks’ books . My picks this week will undoubtedly give you something to read for the week of February 27th:


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Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Rafael Sandoval

Welp, not only did tensions boil over between the Flash and Batman in Batman No. 65, (read my review here), but now both of the heroes have to deal with Gotham Girl paying the “Ultimate Price.” “The Price” mini-crossover event comes to an exciting conclusion this week, and if we have learned anything from these Batman/Flash team ups, it’s that these arcs end with a bang. It’s a shame these crossovers don’t run longer, but I guess the creative teams at DC have done of god job of giving us a taste and leaving us wanting more for next year.

Thanks to DC Comics and cover artist Riley Rossmo


Writer: Steve Orlando

Artist: Riley Rossmo

DC has really been killing it as of late with their Maxi-series (see Mister Miracle), and the 12-part Martian Manhunter has the potential to be the next great DC series. Orland’s take on the martian Jon Jonz has been really interesting so far, envisioning him as an old, crooked cop from Mars, who is trying to right his wrongs on Earth. Also, if you’ve never read a book with Riley Rossmo art, do yourself a favor and change that. His unique art adds incredible depth to any story, and just like Orlando, he puts a very distinct spin on everyone’s favorite Martian. So make sure to jump on at issue No. 3.

Thanks to DC Comics and cover artist Mitch Gerads


Writer: Tom King

Artist:Mitch Gerads

There seemed to have been a major turning point in Heroes in Crisis No. 6, as the public is now aware that Sanctuary is a thing, but also that a handful of their heroes were massacred there. It seems like a lot to take in. Also, not that I want to add to Tom King’s plate, but, why don’t we have a King written Booster Gold and Blue Beetle week book yet? HIC No. 6 is worth checking out for the buddy-cop story that is those two. The creative team that brought you the Eisner Award winning series is back together, as artist Mitch Gerard returns to work with King to put his own spin on this very interesting,and already creative idea.

Credit to Marvel Comics and cover artist Arthur Adams


Writer(s): Charles Soule, Maria Lapham, David Lapham, Mark Waid

Artist: Paulo Siqueira, David Lapham, More

I love anthology series’. I love Marvel Comics. You can see where I’m going with this. The first issue of Marvel Comics Presents was three WWII-themed tales, with the Wolverine short bleeding over into the second issue. I am not entirely sure if Marvel will continue a WWII theme into the second issue or if they will explore another time period in this issue. But no matter what they do, I’m in, and so should you. It’s always interesting to see these Marvel characters in different time periods, with hindsight. I would love to a space race issue of Marvel Comics Presents, or how about a Revolutionary War edition? Give them all to me!

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Credit to Marvel Comics and cover artist Julian Totino Tedesco


Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Artist:Marco Checchetto

The fallout of Man Without Fear continues to unravel in Daredevil No. 2. After being out of the game for a while, Matt Murdock returns to Hell’s Kitchen as Daredevil, but, unfortunately for Matt, he’s a bit rusty; rusty to the point that he was struggling to fight three random muggers in a convenience store. Daredevil might have also killed one of those muggers. Sohe’s got a lot of his plate, which is what makes this issue so interesting and exciting.

What do you think of “The Price” storyline so far?

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