Buffy the Vampire Slayer Issue No. 2 review: The series continues to succeed


The second issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer continues to impress and creates new potential for the direction of the series.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer No. 2 

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Written By: Jordie Bellaire

Art: Dan Mora

Release Date: February 27, 2019

After the marvelous first chapter in BOOM! Studios Buffy the Vampire Slayer title, there was an initially vague but intriguing setup for the franchise and the second issue continued to bring more familiar faces to the forefront. When we last left off, there was a cliffhanger that had Anya in danger, and Drusilla appearing, the conflict continues to build and we learn that Anya has more mystical range than the original series has explored. Despite their panels being slightly shorter in length, it was enough to show Drusilla in a more dangerous light with Anya being just as clever — yet in different ways than before.

After introducing the core group, Cordelia and Spike entered the series, with a few surprising changes to continuity that continue the trend of important nuances that give this new run individuality. At first glance, Cordelia is the ultimate queen of popularity in Sunnydale. She’s instantly labeled kind and beautiful, which is a major transition from her original appearance where she quickly made Willow’s clothing the subject of a joke to the cordettes. Even her introduction to Buffy feels almost too nice to trust, but that is simply the effect of the new and improved Cordelia.

Cordelia has another surprising interaction that doubles as our first opportunity to meet Spike in a the new series. The character once known as Queen Cordy first encounters Spike in a wooded area slightly off campus, but his first appearance is more reminiscent of the deadly vampire we met all those years ago in Sunnydale. The new Cordelia offers him a ride, her general kindness, and nearly a bite because of her trusting demeanor, but luckily, the interaction comes to an end with no bloodshed. Despite her safety, Spike does seem to show an interest in Cordelia, which suggests to readers that he could be seeing her again very soon.

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Elsewhere in the issue, we get to witness that lovable father/daughter dynamic between Buffy and Giles. Their relationship is instantly similar to what we had seen previously (thank goodness) and reminds us that the new Buffy comic keeps some of the precious creative choices we came to adore. We even learn that Joyce (Buffy’s mother) has a boyfriend, which is a small change of pace that instantly proves Buffy is fiercely protective of who (or what) her mother ends up with. Now being two issues in, the interior art has become the perfect fit for the popular franchise, and it perfectly captures the original actors’ likenesses in a modern youth that is all around successful. Seeing Mora’s work dive deeper into the realm of BTVS builds an excitement for more of the characters we know and demons/characters we’ve yet to discover.

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As an issue overall, the second chapter gives us a better understanding of each character in the new modern setting and brought back two crucial fan favorites in a superb issue. With most of the gang now reintegrated into the title and mysterious plot points surrounding people like Anya, Spike, Drusilla and Cordelia, it’s shaping up to be a massively diverse adaptation. Issue three of Buffy will surely provide even more insight on the avionics and “big bads,” so make sure to keep up with Bam Smack Pow for more on the beloved franchise.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer No. 2 is available now from BOOM! Studios.