Five plot twists that can turn Captain Marvel upside down

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Goose Slashes Fury’s Eye

Have you ever agitated a cat? Cats can have tempers. This might seem absurd, but we’re willing to bet that Nick Fury will lose his eye in this two-fold plot twist. Hear us out.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury is known for his iconic eye-patch. He has worn it since his very first MCU appearance in Iron Man, and he has never truly explained how he received his injury. Fury tells Cap “The last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye,” in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This is the only time he ever speaks about the incident.

Now, seeing as Fury is a battle-hardened secret agent (and Captain Marvel takes place in the past featuring a young, two-eyed Nick Fury), we can assume that this film will reveal how he lost that eye. He seems like the guy to lose an eye in some near-death incident — maybe through a skirmish with an alien or an action hero stunt — but no. We bet the twist is that he isn’t some seen-it-all super spy who gets a nasty scar in battle. He probably irritates Captain Marvel’s cat, Goose.

In the trailers, Fury takes a liking to Goose. Fury plays with him and pets him — seemingly without consequence — but he gets a little too close for comfort. Why would a cat scratch his eye out? Well, that’s the other half of the plot twist — on top of a bad temper, Goose is probably a dangerous alien.

Captain Marvel has a cat named Chewie in the comics, named after everyone’s favorite Star Wars co-pilot. As noted by Rocket Raccoon in the comics, Chewie is actually a “Flerken” — a violent alien species that takes the form of a cat. The movie certainly doesn’t have to adhere to the source material, but it would be quite the twist to see her own cat turn into an alien shape-shifter too. All we know is that Fury’s eye appears injured in the trailers, and that is some ominous foreshadowing.