Hellboy sizzles in a much darker Red Band reboot trailer


A new Red Band trailer for the new Hellboy movie has been released, and judging from the trailer’s contents, the film is set to be much darker, grittier and bloody than Guillermo del Toro’s take on the character. 

With just over a month to go until the film’s release, the Hellboy reboot is sailing and ready for lift-off. Just yesterday, we reported that the movie has finally received its official rating from the MPAA, which will be a hard R for strong violence, gore and language. In addition, it has been reported elsewhere that new posters for the film were released to get fans hyped for the next trailer dropping.

Well, said trailer is here and can be viewed right below:

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The new trailer is a stark contrast from the first one that was released a few months back. The first trailer hinted at a movie that was a little bit more whimsical and tongue in cheek; laced with dark humor and action throughout, something that was similar to what Guillermo del Toro provided in his original mid-2000s live-action adaptations of the character. Some critics and fans also found a way to liken the tone of that trailer to something like Deadpool.

Just when we thought we knew what kind of tone to expect for the film, this new Red Band trailer throws a whole new curveball our way. This trailer provided  fanswith something much more serious and a wee bit grim in terms of atmosphere. While the trailer isn’t entirely humorless as it continues to highlight Hellboy’s snarky, deadpan personality, it does more to give us a glimpse of the action and serious stakes that the film has to offer. Not to mention just how bloody violent the film will be.

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We’ll have to wait until the film releases on Apr. 12 to see what kind of happy medium between deadly serious and cheeky it actually provides as a whole.