Shazam looks like the most fun you’ll have at a movie


The latest Shazam trailer showcased more of what could make this one of DC’s most entertaining films.

DC Comics has been under a lot of pressure to put out movies that are loved by the masses. So far Aquaman and Wonder Woman have succeeded where Batman V Superman and Justice League failed. Batman V Superman and Justice League were criticized for being too dark and serious. On the flip side, both Woman Woman and Aquaman had lead characters that the audience praised. While they may have been naive and funny, it didn’t take away from how tough they were. DC Comics’ next project is Shazam and the second trailer just dropped. This trailer proves it will differ from any project we’ve seen from a DC Comics movie.

The trailer starts with the typical serious tone. The wizard Shazam tells the 14 year old Billy Batson to say his name and he’ll get his powers. And Billy laughs and asks if he was serious. That was the first moment where we all realize that this movie will be more about fun than being gruff, serious, and too dark. It isn’t just the funny moments in the trailer that make this movie worth being excited about. It’s the pure innocence and being able to relate to the character.

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In most superhero movies, someone will get their powers and almost immediately start using it for good. That isn’t realistic especially for a teenage kid. The first thing a teenager would think to do is tell their friend and have some fun with it. Also, a 14 year old kid (well, Billy says he’s basically 15) would absolutely take advantage of looking like an adult and awkwardly buy beer.  While that was fun, the biggest takeaway is we’ll get to see what Billy balance being a kid and a hero.

This trailer shows that Billy is going to learn that powers aren’t the only thing that makes a hero. A lesson he learned after gets his butt whooped by villain Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (played by Mark Strong). He clearly didn’t want to fight him when he was running from Dr. Sivana and threw a Batman toy and yelling, “Get ’em, Batman!” Something else a teenager with new powers would do.

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The Shazam trailer balanced the severity of getting powers and not practicing all while still having fun with. Billy was showing off with his powers and accidentally hit a bus and almost killed people when the bus flew off a bridge. Billy’s biggest takeaway was a response that only a 14 year old would have. He was more impressed that he caught the bus from falling off the bridge and not that he actually caused the accident. This movie will almost certainly be the most fun you’ll have in a superhero movie all year.