Marvel Netflix: 15 best Marvel-Netflix show fight scenes of all-time

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Photo: Marvel’s Daredevil/Nicole Rivelli, Netflix Image Acquired from Netflix Media Center

3. Daredevil Prison fight scene

Daredevil Season 3, “Blindsided”

Matt went to prison (using Foggy’s ID) to get information of Wilson FIsk. While there, he got punched in the face and had to go to the infirmary. In the infirmary, Matt was assaulted by prison staff and inmates on Fisk’s order as Matt threatened Vanessa (ask Urich what happens when you involve FIsk’s loved ones). Fisk lets Matt out of the infirmary and is greeted by inmates ready and willing to kill him.

Matt fought different this time around. He seemed more desperate. That desperation made him more dangerous than we’ve seen him. In typical fashion, Matt takes care of everyone who goes after him. This was Matt’s first challenge since coming back from obscurity. Matt was out of shape (for him), injured, and not expecting to have to fight his way out of prison. That didn’t stop him from beating all of the inmates in his way on top of the two guards in riot gear.

Matt versus everyone

This was the scene where Fisk starts putting two and two together and figures out who Matt really is. This is also the start of Matt putting the pieces together to figure out what Fisk is up to.

This fight was another scene done in one shot. With everything that could have gone wrong, they still managed to get this done without complications. Go back and watch this fight and you’ll see how smoothly the switch stunt doubles.