Marvel Netflix: 15 best Marvel-Netflix show fight scenes of all-time

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Photo: Marvel’s Daredevil/Patrick Harbron, Netflix Image Acquired from Netflix Media Center

4. Locked up with Frank Castle

Daredevil Season 2, “Seven Minutes in Heaven”

Frank Castle was in prison and there was no way this was going to end well. Not only was he killing the friends of people who were locked up, he was also in a prison with Wilson Fisk. Frank is on his way back to his cell when he’s confronted by a horde of prisoners armed with homemade weapons. Around a dozen men with rage in their bellies, armed, and ready to kill. They still didn’t bring enough to take out Frank Castle.

Frank Castle took their weapons and used them on his opponents. Stabbing his way through them and breaking their limbs too (as if killing them wasn’t enough). Sure, Frank took some damage, but not enough to make him stop the onslaught of pain he distributed. The other inmates were lucky that the cops with the riot gear showed up. He might have went on to kill every prisoner locked up.

You’re locked up with me!

This was Punisher’s first big scene. No Daredevil to hold him back and no guns to help him. Just Frank Castle against the world. This scene showed exactly what Frank is made of. He ran through those inmates like an angry deity and left nothing but a trail of bodies. It was an intense fight scene and the coming out party for the Punisher.