Marvel Netflix: 15 best Marvel-Netflix show fight scenes of all-time

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Marvel’s Jessica Jones

14. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage bar fight

Jessica Jones Season 1, “AKA Crush Syndrome”

An angry drunk decides to gather up his buddies and go after Luke Cage because he had sex with his wife (we’d all be mad). After a short conversation with Luke telling them to leave, they all gang up on him. Jessica Jones shows up just in time to see Luke easily fling the group of guys off of his back.

Jessica and Luke then take care of the group like you’d assume they would. They overpower them and remain careful to not hurt them too bad or expose their powers. That idea gets thrown out the window, though, when the husband tries to stab Luke in the neck and the knife bends. Luke tells the guy to sleep it off and forget what he saw and he’ll do the same.

You’re like me!

This was a pretty straight forward bar fight scene. Two strong brawlers versus a bunch of angry drunks. This scene makes the list because of the significance: Luke and Jessica find out that there’s someone else out there like them.

Sure, the Avengers were revealed to the world, but this was closer to home. Luke and Jessica ended up being romantic for a time – something comic books fans hoped would happen. It’s a shame that the moment didn’t last too long. Who knows, maybe something might happen in Season 3 of Jessica Jones .