Marvel Netflix: 15 best Marvel-Netflix show fight scenes of all-time

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Photo Credit: Marvel’s The Punisher/ Marvel Netflix Image Acquired from Netflix Media Center

8. Punisher Reborn

The Punisher Season 1, “3 AM”

Frank Castle got himself a new name, life, and decided to leave the violence behind him. Unfortunately for Frank (but good for innocent people) he can’t let injustice stand. While at the construction site he was working on, he saw some guys bullying a co-worker he befriended. In Frank’s defense, he did warn the guys before he brutally beat them. They should have listened because Frank then proceeded to unleash an onslaught of violence like we haven’t seen in a Netflix series.

With a sledgehammer in hand, Frank went to work breaking limbs and cracking backs. Some guy even took a sledgehammer to the face. As one guy almost escaped, having gotten in his car and driven away, but Frank grabbed one of their guns and made sure he didn’t. He shot the guy in the head killing him before he could get far. Frank even left a message for his “buddy” who was involved in some shady business: A bag that said, “Leave town” in blood.


There had to be something that would get the Punisher back in action. It couldn’t be just any random fight. It had to be for a worthy cause. This was what he needed. Frank needed to unleash on people to get his brutal nature back. Before this, there was no fight in any Marvel project more ruthless than this. While our No. 6 fight may come close, this was a one-sided massacre.