Meet The Skrulls No. 1 review: Another (Secret) Invasion


The Skrulls are back with another invasion and, this time, their very survival is at stake. In Meet The Skrulls #1, Robbie Thompson showcases the first look at the mysterious Project Blossom and why it’s so important to the shape-shifting alien race.

Meet the Skrulls No. 1: “Family Unit”

Writer: Robbie Thompson

Penciler: Niko Henrichon

As arguably Marvel’s most famous alien face, the Skrulls are best known for Brian Michael Bendis’ Secret Invasion. Since then, this empire has grown noticeably weaker. But just as the Skrulls are  invading the big screen in Captain Marvel, they’re also making an emphatic return to the Marvel Universe in the pages of Meet The Skrulls No. 1.

Robbie Thompson tackles a project totally different from his Spider-Man/Deadpool series; the Skrull race is not a laughing matter. Naturally, Thompson’s take on the shape-shifting aliens is more serious and grounded, which makes the mystery at the heart of the series even more compelling.

You Can’t See Me

The main appeal with the Skrulls, as seen in Secret Invasion, is the inherent ability to explore distrust and paranoia. In that event, and this new miniseries, there’s an automatic tension in the question, “who can you trust?”

Here, the issue begins with a mysterious man walking around singing to himself. It’s easy to assume he’ll be the first Skrull revealed in the story, but that’s not the case. That reveal comes later, and, though it’s not surprising, it’s executed beautifully with another misdirect followed by a double-page spread.

Several scenes demonstrate that, indeed, the Skrulls are already infiltrating society at every level. One of them has government ties, and another literally works for Iron Man.

What is Project Blossom?

Meet the Skulls will only have four more issues to unveil what Marvel’s latest important, shady operation entails. In this first installment, Thompson chooses to leave Project Blossom mostly unexplained, while he dives into the Skrull’s new invasion.

In a longer series, it might have been more satisfying if Thompson could gradually build up both elements. But with less room to play around, Thompson cuts right to the matter at hand: the Skulls are here, which should terrify everyone in the Marvel Universe.

Secret Invasion II

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Nowadays, any time Skrulls show up, many fans immediately think of Secret Invasion. Thompson doesn’t hide from that association; he embraces it. From references to that event’s failed mission to Tony Stark’s involvement, Meet The Skrulls functions as an indirect sequel to Bendis’ legendary tale.

Speaking of Stark, his role is the most questionable aspect of the issue. It’s unclear exactly when the story takes place. If the reader is to believe it’s set in the present, it’s hard to believe Stark wouldn’t have figured out how to stop another Skrull invasion years ago.

Iron Man was one of the people Secret Invasion affected the most; he lost everything thanks to the extensive damage the Skrulls did to the superhero community and the government. But here, the reader is supposed to believe that a Skrull could still slip past his security measures, as one of them is on his payroll. Ignoring Iron Man wouldn’t have been the right move, but having him appear so clueless isn’t quite right either.

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As with most mysterious stories, Meet The Skrulls No.1 can’t be fully evaluated, because there’s so much left to uncover. But Thompson effectively draws the reader in right away, and he’s set the stage for another story about distrust and, depending how the invasion progresses, some far-reaching consequences.