Black Lightning season 2, episode 15 review: The Alpha


This is the second to last episode before the season finale of Black Lightning! What’s happening now?!

Previously, on Black Lightning, more things are revealed about Agent Odell. First, he kicks Lynn off of the team that’s working on the Pod Kids. He got tired of Lynn treating the kids like anything other than property of the U.S. Government and experiments. And that’s not the worst of it. The end of the episode shows that Odell has a camera in the Pierce household. He knows who they are and the secrets they have. Meanwhile, Anissa is trying to find her girlfreind, Grace, and ends up getting into a fight with an older man. Unbeknownst to Anissa, she was fighting Grace who shape-shifted into that form! Also, Latavious Johnson is back and going after Tobias.

An intense opener

Black Lightning starts with a new Green Light meta going up against the cops. While he says that he’s on the their side, he’s shot with his hands up. This leads to Jefferson sitting down and having a conversation about the do’s and don’ts if they’re going to be superheroes. Everything is fine until Jefferson mentions not killing. This sparks Jennifer to bring up that Tobias killed Khalil and tried to kill Jefferson. Jefferson says he doesn’t care and his rules were to be followed. Anissa and Jennifer agree, but they aren’t happy about it. The camera pans over to show Odell has been watching them the entire time.

Meanwhile, Tobias has let out three new metahumans. He let’s them know he is their new boss. Dr. Jace informs Tobias that all of the other Green Light metas will be ready in two weeks. Tobias plans on, “shoving his power down everyone’s throat.”

These openings are great. They set the scene for the show by letting the audience know what’s going on. This will be one heck of an episode. Jennifer will almost certainly not listen to her father’s orders about not killing.

To kill or not to kill

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Jennifer is with Jefferson and Gambi, experimenting with Jennifer’s powers so she can use her new suit. Their trial run goes perfect. Jennifer’s powers will be better contained. While Jennifer and Gambi are going to see her new suit, Jefferson in reminiscing about Jennifer when she was a baby. Jennifer interrupts him saying she knows the look on her dad’s face. He’s thinking sappy thoughts. Jefferson denies it and says they should go out for lunch. During lunch, the two debate killing Tobias. Jennifer wants revenge. while Jefferson knows this is a dark path he doesn’t want Jennifer to go down. Jennifer doesn’t agree.

Jennifer’s fixation with killing Tobias makes sense. It’s good that the writers haven’t dropped this part of Jennifer’s story. This has nothing to do with her being young. Anyone who’s lost a loved one like Jennifer did would want revenge. With Jennifer, she has the powers and the means to get revenge. Jefferson knows what she’s feeling, but can’t reach his daughter. Tobias may have tried to kill him, but, to Jennifer, he’s killed someone she loved and attempted to kill her dad.

Calm and patient Agent Odell

Agent Odell is making his way to take Wendy away from Lynn. Lynn refuses to let him take her away. Lynn wants Wendy to finish school and have a normal life. Odell is still looking at her like a weapon. Despite Odell having the backup to take Wendy away, he pauses and lets Lynn have her moment and walks away with his teams. Lynn is just as shocked as I was that it was so easy to win that battle. This shows the Agent Odell knows that patience is a virtue.

Agent Odell holds all the cards and Lynn doesn’t realize there’s a game being played. He could have easily taken her aside and blackmailed her, but he didn’t. Agent Odell is becoming one of the premier characters on this show without even trying. We still don’t know whether he’s friend or foe. All we know is that he is nobody’s fool.

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Lightning Round

  • Cutter and Tobias are close, but no one should trust this. Her poison may be the only thing that can take him down. Dr. Chase is warning Tobias that she isn’t right for him. Will he listen?
  • It’s great when Black Lightning brings up old school black pop culture references. Jennifer calling her powers “The juice” is a callback to the 1990s movie Juice.
  • Anissa puts two and two together after realizing the shape-shifter changed eye colors just like Grace. A great catch.
  • Latavious Johnson is on Tobais’ heals. Cutter couldn’t kill him, so it’s doubtful Tobias can stop him.
  • Jennifer put her suit on and went after Tobias, but it wasn’t ready. The episode ends with Jennifer powering up and passing out. We’ll have to wait until next week’s season finale to know what happens next.
  • When will Agent Odell let the Pierce’s know he’s aware of their secret? When he does, what happens next?