Black Lightning season 2, episode 14 review: Original Sin


Back from hiatus, Black Lightning returns with Jennifer finding Grace (kind of), Jefferson being greeted with a “blast from the past,” and Agent Odell becoming even more mysterious.

Previously, on Black Lightning, more drama unfolded. Jennifer flat out went after Tobias’ crew, but passed out during one of the fights. If it wasn’t for her sister, Anissa, stepping in, who knows what would have happened to Jennifer. Speaking of Anissa, she finds out that her girlfriend, Grace, has a background full of abuse. This was one of the sadder moments in this show. Tobias has a new metahuman that he controls, and it looks like he has a new replacement for Khalil. Jefferson also turned down the opportunity to be principal to give Principal Lowry a second chance. With Black Lightning coming back from a quick break, let’s see what’s going to happen in this episode.

Strong opening

This episode starts with Latavious Johnson (the tattooed man who can’t seem to die) returning to Garfield High with a gun to see Jefferson Pierce. He shoots Jefferson in shoulder, and Jefferson fights the urge to use his powers on him. Latavious says that he’s looking for answers about his friend, Earl, who was brutally killed. He thinks Jefferson killed him, and he wants to know why. When Jefferson hears this, he powers down. While he’s talking to Jefferson, the people he killed are talking to him from the dead, which is his curse.

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Back in Gambi’s lair, Jennifer, Anissa, Gambi, and Lynn are trying to design Jennifer’s first superhero suit. Gambi even pulls out Jefferson’s first costume. It looks like Black Lightning’s first costume from the 1970s, and the ladies can’t help but make fun of it. Trust me, it’s warranted. Jennifer wants a sexy costume, but they’re telling her that a short skirt isn’t a practical costume.

This opening was intense and funny. Latavious coming back was a shocker, since we haven’t seen him at all this season. And to blame Jefferson for his friend Earl’s death was strange (but we find out why later).

On the flip side, seeing Jennifer excited about getting a costume was cool. Watching Jennifer be hands on with her costume was different, especially since she used to think he’s a freak. The more the season progresses, the deeper Jennifer’s character gets.

Agent Odell and Lynn

Back in the lab, Lynn and Agent Odell are debating the ethical treatment of a Pod-Kid. Agent Odell thinks Lynn is treating her like one of her kids. Lynn, however, says that she’s treating her like a human being. However, Agent Odell doesn’t care about humanity. He wants her to get control of her powers, so she can be used in service for the United States. Lynn argues the morality of that statement, but Agent Odell just walks away. When Lynn tries to get in later, her access is denied, and her colleague won’t tell her why.

This was bound to happen. Agent Odell doesn’t care about human life. All that matters to him are results. He has a job to do and will get it done however he can. He keeps bringing Lynn into the fold because she’s the only person who can get the job done on a scientific level. Her problem is she cares about the kids, as well. Odell thinks he knows what’s best, but he’s going to mess up bad and need Lynn’s help.

Anissa goes after Grace

Anissa had been debating what to do about Grace. She’s been trying to find her girlfriend, but keeps ending up with nothing. Jennifer confronts her saying that she should try harder. Jennifer even mentions that she can’t have the person she wants because he (Khalil) is dead. This was the push Anissa needed to continue her search. Gambi gives her a last location that may be able to help. When Anissa gets to the apartment, she’s greeted by an old Asian man, who tells her to leave. Anissa suspects something suspicious, but the guy closes the door. After the door closes, the man transforms back to his original form. Grace, who is revealed to be a shapeshifter, was the man the entire time.

Anissa comes back as Thunder and finds dead deer in the apartment. Thunder fights Grace in her other form, and the fight ends with Grace jumping out of the window. The closer we get to Grace’s issues, the stranger things get.

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Lightning Round

  • Jennifer loves her new costume and is incredibly excited. After feeling like a freak, she’s starting to embrace who she is and what she can do.
  • Why is Grace eating live deer? Is live flesh the only way she can survive?
  • What’s really going on with Grace? What seemed like a simple thing of having powers turned into something even more mysterious.
  • After all of that with Jefferson, Latavious was the one that killed Earl. Why couldn’t he remember that. What else is in store for him.
  • Also, we also see how Latavious keeps coming back to life. It was gross. It’s like chum being poured into a vat of gel.
  • How long has Agent Odell had a camera in the Pierce’s house?  He killed the only other people who know their secret. What is he up to?