Gotham: Best look at the batsuit revealed in new leaked image


Gotham fans’ best look at the alleged Batsuit appearing in Gotham’s series finale has just been leaked.

Two days ago, Gotham fans got a similar leaked image of the Batsuit, but it was dark and grainy.  Now, with a second leak, fans of Fox’s Gotham series have their best look so far at the alleged Batman suit via an Instagram post.

It’s unclear who is wearing the suit in this picture, or if it’s even the final costume that viewers will see on screen in the Gotham finale next month.

In a previous report from The Wrap, executive producer John Stephens revealed at the Television Critics Association press tour in February that Bruce Wayne actor David Mazouz would not actually wear the Batman suit in the Gotham series finale due to his height. Instead, he’ll provide the voice and face under the mask.

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This newest version of the Batsuit differs from every other live-action version seen on TV and in movies so far. Unlike the last suit worn by Ben Affleck in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, David Mazouz’s suit has longer ears. This puts the Batsuit more in line with Christian Bale’s version seen in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

A cursory scroll through the comments on the leaked image’s Instagram post reveals mixed reactions toward the new Batsuit skewing toward the negative. While it’s impossible not to form an opinion on a leaked image, it’s likely that the suit will look very different in the finale episode once the color grading and special effects of post-production editing are dialed in.

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Interestingly enough, soon there will be even another Batsuit for fans to critique, as Matt Reeve’s The Batman draws closer to production.  That film won’t release until 2021, but expectations are high for casting announcements and production images.

Gotham returns with a new episode March 21st at 8pm ET on Fox.