Marvel What If series reportedly coming to Disney Plus


Disney Plus could add another Marvel show to its developing platform.

With Disney Plus soon on its’ way, a new development surfaces as an animated Marvel What If series is planned for the streaming service, according to Slash Film.

Traditionally, the What If lines of comics is an anthology series, depicting what could have been in the main Marvel Universe if certain key points had been changed. Following in that tradition, the What If series will follow alternate takes pivotal points in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Depicting how the films’ and shows’ histories and stories could have gone.

The choice to focus on the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a great advantage for the series, as it gives both deep and more casual fans room to get invested in the varying stories that could be told.

In the same vein, the choice of an animated series along with the “What If” concept is a great incentive for Marvel fans to invest in Disney Plus. Especially as the streaming service already plans to release more original shows set in the MCU, further increasing the potential episodes that could be made.

What may be the biggest advantage is the nature of an anthology series itself, however. Due to the fact that the episodes will need to vary in terms of subject, the series will have to have each episode be both engaging and self-conclusive. Which could allow those who don’t keep up with all the movies the opportunity to get reinvested into the universe with select episodes that appeal to them.

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The “What If” line of stories has been ongoing since 1977 and feature some incredible adventures on their own. Coupled with over 20 movies and the multiple shows within the Marvel Cinematic Universe already, there are many sources to pull from that will help make the animated What If series incredibly entertaining and keep it running for a long period of time.