What was really in the box Martian Manhunter gave Green Arrow?


This contains spoilers from the conclusion of Oliver Queen’s most recent story, Green Arrow No. 50.

At the end of the fiasco with Brainiac’s home Colu and the Omega Titans coming to Earth, Martian Manhunter gave Green Arrow a box to combat the Justice League if necessary.

"The League is changing. If we step too far, we need someone honorable who can stop us."

Up until Green Arrow No. 50, Oliver hadn’t opened the box. He’d been told to keep it a secret from everyone, given the magnitude of its power. Of course, the government found out and wanted it for their own use.

But once Oliver opens it in the Green Arrow finale, he finds…nothing. Absolutely nothing. It appears J’onn J’onzz has given him an empty box. Green Arrow took it as an insult and Martian Manhunter’s way of saying “buzz off.”

However, if Oliver had been just a bit more patient, he would’ve seen exactly what was in the box. Because once he walked away, something green lit up the box from the inside.

Before trying to figure out what’s inside the box…why did something appear after Green Arrow called out J’onn J’onzz? Was it because Martian Manhunter wanted Oliver to prove himself one last time? Or did it take Oliver’s reaction to somehow “active” the weapon within?

Given Martian Manhunter’s far-reaching abilities, it’s possible the weapon was being kept out of reach until he felt Oliver was in need of, or ready to take on the responsibility.

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Green Arrow was announced, series writer Jackson Lanzing let us know whatever’s coming up next for Oliver, it’s going to be big. So the box must contain something big, too, right?

But what was it?

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Kryptonite is one of the most prominent green items in the DC Universe, but that wouldn’t make much sense. Who’s that stopping beside Superman?

Was it the Time Stone? Oh, wait…wrong universe.

There could be some item or element Martian Manhunter introduces to the DC Universe, but what if it’s something DC fans are already familiar with? Something they’re very familiar with.

What if…it’s a Power Ring?

Now, this isn’t normally how a Power Rings work. And it’s not like there’s an unlimited amount of these things. Hera knows there are already too man Green Lanterns of Earth. And would Oliver’s skills combined with a Power Ring be enough to stop the Justice League?

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It’d certainly make for an interesting run. Imagine a skilled fighter who’s held his or her own against much tougher, larger opponents without superabilities receiving something like the power ring. Maybe that can be enough to turn things in Oliver’s favor. Perhaps we’ll soon find out!