Riverdale: 20 most important characters on the show

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7. Hermione Lodge

It’s hard not to lump Hermione Lodge in with her husband Hiram, but it’s not fair to. Even though she married him and has been caught up in his dirty dealings, she’s her own person with her own bad deeds to her name.

Over the course of the past three seasons, Hermione has played the game and earned her keep as a Lodge, leveling up from a pawn on the board to dark horse sneaking up around the corner. After all, she’s learned from the best of the worst.

For much of the series, Hermione seemed powerless, as if she was a prisoner of Hiram’s control. However, she often flips the script and works her own schemes behind the scenes.

From running for mayor and winning the election, to planning Hiram’s shooting in Season 3, Hermione knows what she’s doing… until her plans backfire. She’s not afraid to pull triggers and get her hands dirty, which makes for the most delicious drama.

As the current mayor of Riverdale, Hermione holds the most power as an elected official, but little does anyone know how much the job entails and how dangerous it is. She walks a thin line between good and evil, a.k.a. Hiram, though her true motives aren’t immediately clear and her moral compass isn’t pointed due north.

Marisol Nichols leans into the duality of Hermione Lodge, who’s quietly a character whose actions directly influence the narrative.