Riverdale: 20 most important characters on the show

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13. Kevin Keller

When the series began, Kevin Keller was mainly the best friend of Betty and provided amazing soundbites like “Archie got hot.” Remember his early days hanging out with Veronica? Those were much simpler times.

Over the course of the series, Kevin has found himself a bigger part of the group, whether he’s down to investigate serial murders or not. But in the third season, Kevin winds up on the wrong side of Betty’s latest investigation.

Before falling under the spell of The Farm, Kevin mostly aided in the group’s adventures in whichever way he could. During Betty’s deep dive into her long-lost brother Chic, Kevin chatted him up via webcam, which didn’t particularly end well. Also, Kevin was crucial in the mission to break Archie out of jail, which did end well — depending on how you look at it.

However, he wasn’t immune to the brainwashing of The Farm, the cult that offers him comfort after his split from Moose.

Similarly to Toni, Kevin’s importance on the series largely lies in his representation as a young gay man. Riverdale decided to present Kevin’s experience as a positive one, as he’s accepted by those around him and doesn’t experience homophobia at home like Cheryl or Moose.

From cruising in the woods to dating someone in the closet, Kevin’s story has touched on a number of issues when the series deigns to put the death and darkness on pause. Still, Casey Cott‘s portrayal of Kevin remains one of the most reliable sources of levity on the show.