Avengers: Endgame — How can the heroes save Tony Stark?


How will Iron Man be saved from his spaceship coffin in Avengers: Endgame?

The newest Avengers: Endgame trailer has dropped and it was emotional. It showed a montage of the origin movies of the big three (Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor) in black, white, and red. This was a reminder of happier times before they showed the sad reality of what Thanos did in Avengers: Infinity War.

During this trailer we saw Tony Stark talking into his helmet in his spaceship coffin. He was leaving a final message Pepper Potts in case he doesn’t survive. A big question everyone has is how Tony Stark is going to be saved.

During the Avengers: Endgame trailer at the 1:52 mark, we see the team in red and white spacesuits walking as a team, while Tony Stark was also marching the team. This shows that Tony was possibly among the team going to fight the Mad Titan, Thanos.

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Those space suits are reminiscent of a design that was used in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon. If the theory of the Quantum Realm being a major part of fighting or getting to Thanos is true, they’ll need special suits (that were probably designed by Rocket) and they’ll need to be tested. Steve Rogers will test the suit to save Stark.

Tony and Steve didn’t part amicably after Captain America: Civil War. While Cap left Stark a phone to contact him, Stark was too stubborn to call him at any point to talk it out. Cap probably feels bad for not reaching out as well and is willing to sacrifice his life to save his friend. This could easily mend their broken friendship or at least get the conversation started. Once the suit has been tested it’ll be time to have the fight of their lives.

There’s one more thing to remember before we get our hopes up: Marvel has thrown us curve-balls in their trailers.

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In one of the Avengers: Infinity War trailers we saw the Hulk running with the rest of the Avengers in the big battle in Wakanda. The Hulk was not in that fight. Seeing Tony Stark doesn’t mean that he was saved. This could be a way to trick the audience into thinking that he was saved. It could also be Steve Rogers looking over and envisioning him there to pump him up for the upcoming battle. Or the movie showing what could and should have been. Either way, Avengers: Infinity War looks like it’s going to be one heck of a ride.