Star Wars: Age Of The Republic: General Grievous (2019) No. 1 review


The final issue of Star Wars: Age Of The Republic sees General Grievous on the hunt for Jedi. But then he comes across a power unlike any other.

Star Wars: Age Of The Republic – General Grievous (2019) No. 1

Writer: Jody Houser

Artist: Luke Ross

Star Wars: Age Of Republic – General Grievous cover (Credit: Marvel Comics)

The final issue of Star Wars: Age Of The Republic features the Separatist General Grievous on a mission to do what he does best – kill Jedi. On the system of Ledeve, Grievous makes quick work of the two Jedi he encounters, but the more interesting question is what these Jedi are doing here in the first place.

What Grievous finds is a power unlike any he has seen before. Having been trained by the Sith Lord Count Dooku, the fearsome General isn’t used to losing. But has he finally met his match in Star Wars: Age Of The Republic – General Grievous (2019) No. 1?

General Grievous was an immediate hit when he appeared in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. Unbeknownst to some of us, prior to that the villainous droid General had already been introduced in the 2003 animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars. As Bryan Young points out in the afterword, what may have made Grievous such an indelible part of the franchise is the voice work of Lucasfilm sound editor Matthew Wood plus the unique overall design of the character. From the cyborg look, to the hacking cough and terrifying skill with the lightsaber(s), there’s no denying that Grievous makes for a really memorable character.

It would, therefore, have been easier to write Grievous as sympathetic in Star Wars: Age Of The Republic – General Grievous (2019) No. 1, but Jody Houser has wisely chosen not to do so. Houser and the editorial team have ably adapted the many layers of Grievous’ origins and history to succinctly create a holistic character in this issue. There’s a reason certain kind of people are seduced by the Dark Side in Star Wars, and that comes through clearly within these pages.

Star Wars: Age Of Republic – General Grievous (Credit: Marvel Comics)

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There is a great deal of depth given to Grievous in this issue, which adds to the magnetism of the character. He remains unlikeable, but there it is a poignant study of megalomania and the power of the Dark Side.

Luke Ross’ art has been consistently striking in the entire Star Wars: Age Of The Republic series, but it is particularly riveting in this installment. The texture of the statues in the temple look so life-like, almost as if you can feel the stone beneath your fingers. The dings and dents on Grievous are equally realistic. Combined with Java Tartaglia’s haunting colors, this issue is perhaps the most visually appealing of the series.

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This is fitting, since Star Wars: Age Of The Republic – General Grievous (2019) No. 1 brings to a close this segment of the series. It has been a thorough delight revisiting the prequel trilogy with these Marvel comics. Houser and the entire creative and editorial team have done a splendid job of bringing some much-needed love back to George Lucas’ maligned films. The films weren’t perfect, but these characters deserved a healthy amount of respect that the creative team have brought to the them.

Star Wars: Age Of The Rebellion will kick-off with a story about Princess Leia next month.