Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider No. 6 review


Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider returns with a new and interesting story, which focuses on Spider-Gwen taking a new turn in her life. Here is our review of Issue 6. Spoilers lie ahead, so read at your own risk!

Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider No. 6 takes off where Issue 5 left off. After Ghost-Spider found and returned a woman’s purse, she was paid. She then came up with an idea to earn money by saving people (through taxes). The issue takes a new turn in which Ghost-Spider is trying to earn money. This is a new take on a superhero story, as we have not seen any Spider-Person earning money while saving lives.

Aside from the money-earning part, Ghost-Spider also starts having headaches (really bad ones). Though it is not fully explained why, it could be as a result of the new villain, Man-Wolf. She heads over to Betty Brant’s house when she first starts having headaches. Betty helps her and then Gwen explains that’s she’s now getting paid. Betty then proceeds to help her set the business.

The story basically focuses on Ghost-Spider trying to earn money by saving peopl,e but after Mary Jane hears about her plan, a little drama occurs about if Gwen will have time to help the MJs (the band she is in). The story feels a little forced and pushed at this point.

Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider

No. 6 Gwen and Mary Jane (Credits: Marvel Comics)

Ghost Spider goes on with her superhero work and falls into a little trap. She fights the criminals waiting for her and, when the fight is about to finish, Ghost-Spider asks why they set the trap for her. Suddenly, she starts getting blind and ends up at the top of the rooftop. Though it is unknown how she got there, it could be a result of the venom symbiote that could be helping her.

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It turns out the criminals were just a set-up to get the Jackal (Miles Warren) and the Man-Wolf to understand Ghost-Spider’s moves, since they are planning to take her down. This makes the story a bit more interesting, since the Jackal is famously known for creating clones. Here is where the story really starts to become more developed, without being forced or pushed. In the end, we see a good moment between Ghost-Spider and Harry, which feels good.

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Overall, the story of Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider No. 6 is good enough. Though, some parts of the story feel forced (like the tax part which could backfire on her), the story still has enough to make it an entertaining read. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes ahead, and fans can only hope for the best with the Jackal and Man-Wolf storyline that’s on the horizon.

Score: 7.1/10