The Flash: Ezra Miller is penning the script of his superhero life


Talk about dedication, Ezra Miller wants to stay on as The Flash so he’s teaming with comic book writer Grant Morrison to pen the script.

When it comes to the development of The Flash, the DCEU been a little slow,  to say the least. The slow burning process and the changes surrounding Walter Hamada’s DC Extended Universe have Flash fans anxious. In late February, Ezra Miller informed fans that people, including himself, were mercilessly working on developing The Flash’s solo film.

What fans didn’t know was how much Ezra Miller was involved, but now we know. According to THR, Miller has teamed with comic book scribe Grant Morrison to write a script:

"“[Ezra] Miller is taking a stab at writing the script for the Warner Bros. project… He has teamed up with Grant Morrison, the acclaimed comics author, to pen a draft that could determine if he stays on as star, playing crimefighter Barry Allen.”"

Early reports on the script suggested that Flashpoint would be the source The Flash’s arc. Moreover, Miller and directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein weren’t exactly seeing eye to eye on the direction of the film.

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With this new development, The Flash’s script has more at stake than fans could have imagined. Miller’s fate as Flash is directly tied to the success of this script.

The last time we saw Miller as Flash was in Justice League. The film came with a lot of expectation, and unfortunately, it wasn’t the success fans had hoped.

However, fans across the board agreed Ezra Miller’s Flash was one of its bright spots. With so many changes to the DCEU, it’ll be great to see the same continuity that’s been established with Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn.

So far, in Walter Hamada’s brief stint as head of the DCEU, things are in the right direction. The strong start undoubtedly rejuvenated a franchise that looked to be on a downward spiral. Hamada’s start has instilled faith in fans going forward.

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Now, it’s all up to Miller and Morrison, and fans will be patiently waiting for the verdict that ultimately decides whether or not Ezra Miller stays on as Barry Allen.