Black Lightning season 2, episode 16 review: The Omega


This season finale of Black Lightning will give you closure and end with a heck of a cliffhanger.

Previously, on Black Lighting, the lead-up to the season finale set up for this last episode flawlessly. First off, you have Agent Odell, who has an eye on the Pierce family and knows their secrets. However, he hasn’t exposed them ye,t even though Lynn was defying him. Anissa put together that the guy she fought while looking for her girlfriend Grace, was actually Grace. Tobias let loose one of his metahumans to give the underworld a taste of what he had on the market. If that wasn’t enough, the episode ends with Jennifer going after Tobias in the suit Gambi made her. But before she could get him, her emotions caused her powers to go crazy and she’s left on the ground screaming in pain.

The standard amazing opener

The episode starts with Gambi onthe  scene trying to absorb as much of Jennifer’s energy as possible, but it wasn’t enough. Thankfully, she went to her safe place, and she found a way to power down. Unfortunately, Gambi took in some  of his radiation in the process. While this is going on, Tobias is flat-out tired of Black Lightning, and he has a plan. Since Black Lighting gets his power from the electrical grid, Tobias plans to black out Freeland to power Black Lightning down and kill him. He’s also going to use the death of the black meta that the cops shot (and got away with) to get emotions running high in Freeland.

This was only the first five minutes of the show, but that’s how you set up a finale. Tobias has an amazing plan to kill Black Lightning, and Latavious Johnson is on Tobias’ heels. Ten minutes later, after Lynn beats the snot out of Dr. Jace (Lynn owed her), she tells Black Lightning and Lynn she’s willing to tell the police everything she knows in exchange for protection. Just as she get to the police station, Tobias’ plan for a blackout takes effect. And this is only the beginning.

The teleporter returns

It’s been a while, but the teleporter from the midseason finale has popped up and made his intentions known. He wasn’t paid to go after Tobias, Black Lightning, or the A.S.A. He was sent by Markovia to grab Dr. Jace. He kills a bunch of cops to get to her and then teleports her out of the police station.

The Markovian’s have been looking to get into the metahuman game, and they have a big piece of the puzzle. They may not have Lynn, but Dr. Jace is a major player. Since it doesn’t seem like the Markovians care about human life, this will leave Dr. Jace with free range to experiment any way she seems fit. For all we know, she may enjoy not being restrained anymore.

Tobias’ true colors

Tobias may act like he cares about ruling the city, but he doesn’t care about anything except his selfish needs. He was willing to let the city burn to the ground if it meant getting Black Lightning. When the people of Freeland don’t completely go crazy, he’s to let loose the rest of the meta-humans in the pods on to create chaos. When Cutter tried to stop him, Tobias grabs her by the throat. When Cutter escapes his grasp, she doesn’t attack him. Cutter decides to just leave him. Tobias acts like he doesn’t care, but gives the typical emotional response that he could get more just like her as he let out the pod-kids. Thankfully, Lynn is with the pod-kids to stop the A.S.A. from killing them.

Tobias is slowly losing it. As if talking to a painting wasn’t bad enough, he’s willing to lose his empire if it mans getting his revenge. Tobias is about to lose everything. Dr. Jace is gone, Cutter left him, the police are hot on his trail, and Jennifer finally catches up with him and is lighting him up as her new persona, Lightning.

Jefferson and Jennifer’s revenge

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This was the moment of truth. Jennifer finally got her hands (or lightning) on Tobias. She has him easily strung up and has the means and desire to kill him. All it would take is a little more effort on her part, and Tobias would be dead. Thankfully, Jefferson comes in and stops her from making a mistake she would regret forever. Jefferson has been where Jennifer is, and he knows stopping her is a good idea. Jennifer powered down with help from her father. Tobias then gets up and tries to shoot them, but the gun is empty. The father and daughter duo then take out Tobias with ease.

We all assumed that Jennifer wasn’t going to kill Tobias. However, seeing the two of them have this moment was a fantastic visual, especially when they both looked at Tobias like he didn’t stand a chance at stopping them. It was cute that he thought he could beat them. Jennifer got her revenge, sending Tobias away, and Jefferson got closure from his father’s murder.

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The Cliffhanger

The Pierce’s are finally happy. They’re together, laughing and happy. It appears like to finally be over. That is, until Agent Odell walks in. He let’s the Pierce’s know that he knoews their secrets. Lynn and Jefferson tell him to leave, but Odell refuses to go until he tells them why he’s there. The Markovians have Dr. Jace, and they’re going to go all in on themeta-human war. And it gets worse. Freeland is ground zero.