The Flash season 5, episode 17 live stream: Watch online


The Flash is back for another episode, but how will it follow up on last week’s twist? A look at how to watch season 5, episode 17’s “Time Bomb” online.

The Flash will return for another episode on Tuesday, March 19. It’s already the 17th episode of season 5. That means just six remain after “Time Bomb,” so this is nearing the end of the line for whatever is in store for Team Flash and this chaotic Cicada storyline.

With the creation of the metahuman cure, Team Flash decided to use it on Cicada. After a tension-filled moment, the villain of season 5 agreed, as he did not want to kill the people who were similar to his niece, Grace, who has been in a coma since the Enlightenment in season 4.

However, as Cicada took the cure, startling events transpired. A new Cicada broke into STAR Labs and took Orlun Dwyer away to a cabin in the woods. This person seemed more dangerous than Orlun, which led to the shocking reveal of it being an older Grace Gibbons.

In a previous episode of The Flash, Barry and Iris West-Allen went into Nora’s memories and discovered the Grace version of Cicada was a notorious murderer in 2049 — racking up over 100 kills. So, if Barry is out to alter the future, again, he has a difficult task for the next six episodes.

To top it off, this could become the episode that sees the rest of Team Flash learn of Nora’s dealings with Eobard Thawne in 2049. If so or if not, whenever they discover this, what will be the reaction?

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Details on how to watch season 5, episode 17 of The Flash are below. This includes the start time, TV info, live stream and more:

Date: Tuesday, Mar. 19
Time: 8:00 p.m. ET
Season: 5
Episode: 17 “Time Bomb”
TV info: The CW
Live stream:

“Time Bomb” will air, as always, on The CW. will host a stream on Wednesday, and it’s available for the next five weeks.

The Flash should include its usual, interesting shenanigans. However, as season 5 nears the finish line, what will happen on Tuesday night?