DC Comics’ Naomi No. 3 review: More questions answered, more questions given


Naomi answers a few question, but gives us even more.

Image Source: Comixology Digital Comics

Writers: Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker

Artist and Cover: Jamal Campbell

Image Source: DC Comics Digital Comics

Previously, in Naomi No. 2, Naomi spent a good portion of the issue trying to find out her connection with Dee. When she finally confronted him, she found a picture of him with a  woman that resembles her. Naomi got real defensive and said he wasn’t ready to talk. It doesn’t look like Naomi is going to give Dee a choice. She wants answers now!

Image Source: DC Comics Digital Comics

The issue starts with Naomi badgering Dee about what he knows about her. She asks if he was her father and if the woman in the picture is her mother. Dee tells her that it’s impossible for them to be her parents. Naomi asks why he ran away from her if it isn’t true, and then asked if he’s even human. Dee freezes up. The plot thickens.

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Dee starts with something he was raised to believe. “Violence is the only true commerce.” Dee says as a Thanagarian he was raised to fight. Let’s hit the breaks for a second. Dee is a Thanagarian. For those of you who don’t know, Thanagar is the race that Hawkgirl belongs to. That’s not all. Dee is a Thanagarian from another Earth, and the woman in the picture was his leader and lover, Qyeala. While the two of them were raised to fight in wars, they longed for something more. According to Dee, the more realms they visited, the more he wanted to be something else with Qyeala. Just as they found a door to another world, Qyeala was shot, as he fell through the door and crashed on this Earth.

The story Dee told was tragic. After living a life of war, he found happiness in an unlikely place. He chose love over the way he was taught. But before the two of them could start their new life full of love and happiness, she was killed in front of him, and he was helpless to stop it.

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Dee tells Naomi that he told her this because he needed her to know that her thoughts weren’t true. He didn’t want her to be tortured with the idea that he was her father. Right before Naomi can ask what that story has to do with her, Naomi’s mother comes storming in with rage and a bat in hand. She’s yelling and beating things with the bat and she even slaps Dee in the face. She asks Dee about his, “god almighty honor code,” and  all Dee can do is sit there and apologize.

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Naomi gets in the car with her mother and father, and she’s not happy. She tells them that they need to speak. Her father tells her they only have one chance to get this right. He drives her to a secluded beach and comforts her, saying that he would lie awake dreaming of this moment. Naomi is skeptical, but then something amazing happens. He unveils a spaceship. Naomi asks if this is the spaceship in which she arrived. But surprisingly, he says it’s the one he came in.

Image Source: Comixology Digital Comics

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Next issue mysteries

  • With everything that Dee told Naomi, what is their connection? He wouldn’t have told her that for no reason.
  • Is Queara actually dead? We saw that she was shot, but that doesn’t mean anything.
  • Was Naomi adopted from Earth or somewhere else? Does she have powers?
  • What was the deal Naomi’s mother had with Dee? Does she know all of his secrets?
  • Who else in town knows what’s going on? Is that why no one talks about heroes?