Uncanny X-Men No. 14, ‘This is Forever’ review: Another mutant massacre


The X-Men face another Morlock/Mutant Massacre by the Marauders.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Previously, in Uncanny X-Men No. 13, Cyclops and his X-Men had their first mission back together. Before they went out, Cyclops let everyone know that they don’t have to join them. He knows how dangerous it is right now and stressed that no one will judge. Everyone agrees and they begin their mission. It leads them to Jamie Madrox who’s been on Dark Beast’s trail since he took some of his duplicates to experiment on. They found Dark beast and took him as a prisoner. Before they could enjoy a good night’s sleep, they see Hope Summers on the TV leading the Mutant Liberation Front a.k.a. MLF. They desperately need a new acronym.

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg

Artist: Salvador Larroca

Cover artists: Salvador Larroca & Rachelle Rosenberg

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

The issue begins with Cyclops talking to Valerie Cooper, who used to be in charge of the O*N*E*. While she’s not in charge of that group anymore, she is still part of the government. Cyclops tells her that he needs a favor — give up any information that she may come across that might be useful to him. In return, she would have a group of “Big scary mutants” on her side. She agrees, but knows she’s going to regret it. While this is going on, Madrox, Magik, Wolfsbane, and Danni Moonstar capture Reaper and bring him back to their base(ment). Reaper tells Cyclops he has contacted by Hope to join MLF. Reaper declines, but Cyclops tells him the next time Hope calls to accept. This way, they can intercept Hope and her team.

Image Source: Comixology Digital Comics

We switch over and see Dark Beast (with Mojo looking legs) supposedly working on the project Cyclops ordered him to do. He tells Cyclops that he’s happy to be an X-Man and, to prove his loyalty, he was going to give him the location of his former teammates the Marauders. When they arrive, they’re met by Scrambler who takes out Wolfsbane and runs. Logan goes after him (by jumping from the fourth floor), only to be met by Callisto’s knife on the way down. She tells them that she is after the Marauders for what they did to the Morlocks. They slaughtered them just like they did years ago (Check out Mutant Massacre by Chris Claremont).

Image Source: Comixology Digital Comics

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Chamber (the current leader of the Morlocks) is upset with himself for letting the Marauders do what they did. Now they have dead Morlocks and nowhere safe to stay. Cyclops makes a call to Valerie Cooper, and they strike a deal. If the X-Men handle a problem in Chernaya, then the people there would owe them. The X-Men make quick work of the rebels, and the Morlocks now have their new home in Chernaya. Chamber relinquishes leadership back to Callisto and joins the X-Men at their base. He says he wants a piece of the Marauders when they catch up with them. While they’re celebrating in the bar, Captain America walks in and says that he and Cyclops need to talk. I’ll be shocked if Cap doesn’t get attacked by Wolverine.

Image Source: Comixology Digital Comics

Wolverine may be the mot popular X-Man, but Cyclops remains the star here. He’s back to being the leader that X-Men fans have missed. Multiple Man has been hilarious and fits in perfectly with the team. This issue has some funny moments, but all of that stops when we see the dead Morlock bodies pile up, with some face down in the water. Matthew Rosenberg has been amazing, and Salvador Larroca’s art has been spot on.

Image Source: Comixology Digital Comics

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X-Marks the spot

  • What does Cyclops have Dark Beast working on? Is it something to bring the X-Men back or something else all together?
  • How long until Dark Beast betrays them? There’s no way he stays calm and obedient forever.
  • What happens when the X-Men meet up with Hope and MLF? Fists or words?
  • What is Captain America going to say to Cyclops? Cap knows what’s going on with the mutants is wrong.
  • Will the other Avengers get involved if Cyclops and Captain America can’t get along? I doubt Captain Marvel would attack the X-Men. They’re family to her.
  • Seriously, how great is Multiple Man in this?