Avengers: Endgame comic book character highlight: Captain America

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Winter Soldier

Issues: Captain America vol. 5, 1-9 & 11-14

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For decades, Bucky was one of maybe three people (Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy being the other two) to be thought as too sacred to come back to life. Come to find out, he was actually alive this entire time. Bucky was found, after the explosion that was thought to have killed him, revived, had his memory wiped and was in suspended animation until he was needed for a mission. He was a premier assassin for hire and was viewed as an urban legend. When Captain America saw him for the first time, he couldn’t believe it. Despite seeing multiple people come back from the dead, this was still unbelievable.

The story of Bucky coming back was well told. Brubaker spent time getting into what Bucky was doing before he regained his memory and how Steve Rogers found out. Even after Cap used the Cosmic Cube to give Bucky his memories back, there was still more to be told. Bucky isn’t going to be fine with being used. It took awhile for him to come to grips with everything he did while he was brainwashed. However, Bucky did get back to work, trying to redeem himself. The story of redemption was a major part of this run, and it lasted throughout the remainder of series.